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Massage Therapy-Booking Appointments

Knowledge is Power

As mentioned earlier, ABM College has a great 88-week Massage Therapy program led by qualified instructors. After completed the program you will have a diploma in Massage Therapy. Part of the program includes hand-on training and clinical practice.

Booking appointments is an integral part of being a successful, organized and well-rounded Massage Therapist. ABM College takes the time to train Massage Therapy students on properly booking appointments. Students get practice booking appointments at the ABM College Massage Department. Students working at the front desk are trained to take payments, check for therapists in rooms, answer phones and confirm appointments for next day. Massage Therapy students maintain confidentiality throughout this process. Also students need to remember to play relaxing and soothing music for clients! It is a Massage Therapy clinic after all!

Massage Therapists help others by reducing stress, decreasing pain, and rehabilitating injuries through the application of massage techniques. If you enjoy working with your hands and have a genuine interest in working at a massage therapy clinic or in establishing your own business, then enroll in our Massage Therapy program NOW!

Massage Therapy CTA.

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