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    Massage therapy is the manipulation of your body’s soft tissues through varying degrees of pressure and movement. Generally considered part of integrative medicine, it may be used for a wide range of medical conditions. The treatment has been known to reduce stress, lessen pain and improve immunity, to name a few. 

    This article looks at how and why you should make massage therapy a part of your lifestyle, by answering the following questions:

    • How can massage help you?
    • How often should you get a massage?
    • How to remember to book an appointment?

    How can massage help you?

    Massages help your body release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help you feel well. This ultimately helps reduce stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. This is especially important because studies show that high levels of stress hormones can impair the immune system.

    The following are some of the many benefits of massage therapy, according to the Better Health website:

    • Reduced anxiety and depression
    • Increased mental alertness
    • Improved skin tone
    • Better recovery of soft tissue injuries
    • Relaxation
    • Reduced muscle tension
    • Reduced stress hormones
    • Better joint mobility and flexibility
    • Better circulation

    How often should you get a massage?

    Generally, it is recommended to get a massage one or two times a month. For people experiencing high levels of stress however, getting a massage once or twice a week can really help them cope with the build up of tension. 

    In pain management situations, the frequency of massages recommended may differ based on the condition. Although, it can follow a pattern called “diminishing frequency,” where patients experiencing severe pain may receive one to three massage sessions in the first few weeks until the pain is reduced, allowing for less sessions with their massage therapist.

    Anybody who commits to doing physical work, on the other hand, like athletes, dancers or people whose jobs require more physical activity than most, may need to speak with a therapist on a routine that suits their physical needs and wellbeing.  

    How to remember to book an appointment?

    So, how can you make massage therapy a part of your lifestyle? If you have the resources to visit a massage therapist regularly, it can be something you look forward to every week or month and not by the near end of your insurance benefit period. 

    Here are some things you can do to make your massage visits regular, rather than occasional:

    • Pick your regular spot: Decide on which clinics you’d like to be a regular customer too. Becoming a regular customer can help you build meaningful relationships with the people who help you relax and unwind, making your massage experience even better. Try subscribing to their email newsletter for updates and deals, or follow them on social media if that’s how you like to keep updated on the businesses you support. If you find that different places have different massage-specific services you enjoy, then it’s not a bad idea to be a frequent visitor at different massage clinics. Different environments make for different experiences, and that can help you look forward to your visits even more. 
    • Book your next appointment before leaving: Try to book your next appointment before leaving the clinic. If you change your mind after, you can always reschedule as long as it’s not a day or two before your appointment. We must caution you that every clinic has different sets of rules. It’s best to inquire on a clinic’s policies before booking an appointment and schedule an alert on your calendar to help you remember that you cannot reschedule past a certain date.
    • Schedule your appointments online: Scheduling your appointments online can be a faster way to book appointments than calling in. If your massage clinic does have an online booking system, take advantage of it by scheduling your next few appointments in advance. 
    • Add reminders to your calendar: If you are unsure of when to book your next appointment, you can always set an alert on your personal calendar to remind yourself that you still have to book your appointment  as your massage treatment is overdue.

    There is comfort in knowing that you have something to look forward to, like a massage. Time for yourself does not have to be rare but should be implemented regularly, as much as possible. 

    If you don’t have time to visit a massage clinic, there are other ways for you to cope with a stressful lifestyle all on your own

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