Marketing and Business: The 12 Brand Archetypes

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    brand personality and your business

    Marketers often incorporate an archetype into their product to develop a “brand personality” that appeals to the desired target demographic; this promotes consumer engagement and establishes brand loyalty. A psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, identified 12 Archetypes that represent basic human motivations.Without further introduction, here are 6 of the 12 popular archetypes!


    The King/Queen is naturally dominant and powerful; he is most influenced by advertisements that are a reminder of his social status and position of dominance.


    The desire of the Innocent is to live happily, optimistically and honestly. The innocent can be perceived as being childish and dull. Consumers who have this persona prefer honest advertisements that reinforce their positive outlook on life.


    The Rebel is an accurate persona for individuals who wish to live life on their own terms, without having to conform to the status quo. A Rebel would believe that rules have been made to be broken. Brands that utilize the Rebel persona make the consumers believe that their product promises a revolution.


    Also known as the Scholar, the Sage wishes to seek wisdom and truthfulness from every situation. He is wise and open minded, but at times, he can come off as being self-absorbed. Sage brands guarantee the viewer wisdom and knowledge; an example of a brand that uses this archetype is the National Geographic Channel.


    The Comedian believes that life is not to be taken seriously, and should be enjoyed thoroughly. Boredom is the greatest fear of the Comedian, and he can be seen as being irresponsible and careless. This brand persona promises the consumer both entertainment and enjoyment.


    The Hero is brave, superior, strong, and courageous. He continuously demonstrates his bravery through participating in a variety of courageous acts. A brand that uses the Hero persona presents its product as being of high quality, and superior to its competition.If you’re interested in learning more about how marketers use these archetypes to create a custom persona for their brand, check out the Business Administration Diploma that is offered at ABM College! It covers a wide variety of Business topics, including marketing!

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