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    n a legal setting, legal assistants play a crucial role in maintaining the office of an organization, entering data, and assisting attorneys and clients. We've put together a detailed article enlisting some important questions and their answers about what it takes to be a legal assistant. Legal assistant as a career is much more than just handling paperwork and making everyone happy.

    Let’s take a look at these questions.

    What are the Duties of a Legal Assistant?

    Legal assistants perform various administrative duties as well.

    Under the supervision of law professionals, legal assistants assist in the delivery of legal services in the areas of litigation, advisory services, business, and real estate transactions by carrying out a variety of tasks, including locating and compiling information, drafting, preparing, and proofreading legal and administrative documents (such as acts, contracts, legal opinions, procedures, correspondence, etc.), filing court documents, as well as using various practices. Additionally, legal assistants handle administrative chores including preserving and organizing files, following up on customer inquiries, setting up meetings, and other general administrative tasks.

    The main duties and responsibilities of a legal assistant include: 

    • Answer the phone, arrange meetings and appointments, welcome guests, and deal with administrative and commercial details.
    • Create and maintain record management systems, which include categorizing and coding electronic and hard copy files.
    • Keep note of the court dates and limitation dates (expiration dates for legal actions).
    • When creating and serving legal documents, understand and adhere to the proper legal procedures.
    • From digital recordings or handwritten notes, transcribe letters and legal papers.
    • Respond to regular questions, coordinate the flow of information, and open correspondence, including faxes and emails.
    • Check and double-check that the documents being sent out are error-free and adhere to legal requirements. 
    • Use and gain access to legal resources online.
    • Use high-tech office tools like voice mail systems, photocopiers, and computer scanning equipment.
    • Manage recurring accounting tasks.
    • Perform other administrative tasks.

    How Much Does a Legal Assistant Make in Canada?

    Estimated average salary for legal assistants.

    The average legal assistant salary in Canada is $47,000 per year according to industry estimates. Entry-level positions start at $37,050 per year, while most experienced workers can make up to $87,000 per year.

    How much you earn as a legal assistant also depends on the province that you work in, the organization, and your experience levels. There are tremendous growth opportunities in this career once you learn the basic skills through a professional course. 

    What Qualifications do You Need to be a Legal Assistant?

    Although there are no specified requirements for this position, having a post-secondary educational experience can help you stand out from those who lack the necessary knowledge or expertise. A legal assistant diploma program is an option to explore if you want to enter this field with relevant skills. A practicum experience provides the on-the-job skills and information needed when applying for a role in the legal profession. This course can be completed in just 54 weeks and it equips you with the right tools to succeed in your career as a legal assistant.

    A candidate for a full-time position as a legal assistant should be able to demonstrate that they possess the abilities and mindset necessary to thrive in the position. Examples that you can highlight in your resume instead of citing specific credentials and years of experience can demonstrate this for you in the interview.

    Some employers also demand a two-year associate degree or certificate for the legal assistant position. You can choose what suits you best.

    Are Legal Assistants in Demand in Canada?

    The future looks bright for legal assistants.

    The future is promising for legal assistants in Canada. In general, there is a greater need for legal assistants in larger cities, where salaries are also higher. The career prospects of legal assistants are stronger than those of non-specialist assistants. 

    Legal assistants need to acquire a wide range of legal abilities and an in-depth understanding of the law. To guarantee that deadlines are met and legal files and processes are followed, this is essential.

    Legal assistants must be aware of any modifications to procedural rules, timetables, and deadlines in order to assure compliance. For assistants to stay up to date, ongoing training and education are necessary.

    What are the Career Opportunities for Legal Assistants? 

    Legal assistants can work in a variety of office settings.

    Legal assistants work for:

    • Legal firms
    • Legal departments of large companies
    • Real estate companies
    • Mortgage brokers and banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Municipal, provincial, and federal courts
    • Government departments and agencies, such as land title offices

    It is a possibility for experienced legal assistants to advance to paralegal or supervisory positions in large companies.

    As a legal assistant diploma graduate, you can explore opportunities such as:

    • Legal Assistant
    • Legal Department Advisor
    • Law / Judicial Clerk
    • Legal Secretary
    • Court Clerk

    Final Thoughts 

    Now that you know what all it takes to become a legal assistant in Canada, you must consider enrolling in a professional course to gain relevant experience. ABM College offers a legal assistant diploma program that prepares students to enter any legal, corporate, or judicial setting and provide excellent legal assistance and administrative support. 

    Considering a career as a legal assistant?

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