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    If you’ve ever talked about western Canada, there is no way that Calgary could not be mentioned, known as “The Heart of The West”, it definitely backs that up with its lively streets, and economy. There are many attractions to be found in and around Calgary, for people of all ages and interests. First and foremost, the event that Calgary is most famous for around the world. The Calgary Stampede, the world’s biggest outdoor show. Calgary has been given nicknames because of this show. It is an annual rodeo show which takes place in downtown, people from around the world come to watch and also participate. The show goes on for 10 days and every day there are new competitions held, in which professional western riders go against each other in a very competitive and entertaining atmosphere. There is an abundance of colourful and festive foods to try, which, to be honest made me question have we gone too far? But obviously, the answer is no because there are always foods that take it a step further the next stand you stop to look at. There are also a countless number of activities in and around Calgary for people who love being outdoors. For starters, there is Calgary’s state of the art Calgary Olympic Park, which was used during the 1988 Olympics. Nowadays it is used for the public to come and ski; they have different hills for different levels of skill. This is just the closest one; there are numerous other ski resorts just out of Calgary, as you get into the Rocky Mountains. Another great outdoors activity that you can try is hiking. As soon as you step out of Calgary and into the Rockies, there are countless hiking trails, which vary in length, difficulty; some that you can try in the summer, and others that you can try in the winter, while snow shoeing. The diverse landscape around Calgary gives each trail its own beautiful view at the end and throughout the hike as well. Some take you around a lake, and there are others that will take you up a mountain, but always remember to do your research, as, there are some hikes that require you to stop halfway through, and camp for the night. Cow-Town (a nickname given, due to the cowboy atmosphere of the city) is also full of people from different ethnicities. Even if you were to move here from another country, it would be hard to tell you ever left (except for the weather of course, unless you’re from Russia) because you will definitely find your crowd. Because of the city’s diversity, you can always find programs to involve yourself in, in the community. Just like that there are also various programs that help new immigrants find jobs, learn English by offering language classes for immigrants, and also finding a school that can help you access fields of work you thought you never could. Several of these schools offer courses to international students as well; the graduates from these programs are then certified to work in Canada. ABM College is one such college which offers programs for international students, so if you or someone you know would be interested in living in Calgary and taking one of these programs then take a browse through our website, and learn today how you can be part of the student body at ABM College.

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