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    very human being on this planet has a right to study. The United Nations General Assembly marked 24 January as the International Day of Education. Education helps transform the world for the better. On this occasion, we celebrate the importance of education as it opens the door to opportunities for a successful future. Around the globe, we all are inherently the same with equal rights, and education is one of them. Nobody should be deprived of at least basic education. 

    ABM College: A Gateway to Educational and Career Excellence

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    If you are looking for programs in Business, Technology, and Healthcare ABM College in Canada is there. The school provides online and offline programs and students can opt according to their choice of program and schedule availability. The team at ABM College always focuses on shaping individuals for success. 

    ABM College stands as a beacon, offering courses that not only align with the spirit of the International Day of Education but also pave the way for promising careers. Two noteworthy programs at ABM College, the NACC Early Childhood Assistant Diploma and the Education Assistant Diploma, stand out for their potential to shape the future of aspiring professionals.

    NACC Early Childhood Assistant Diploma

    If you are passionate about nurturing young minds then ABM College is the right choice for you. NACC Early Childhood Assistant Diploma is designed in a way that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to support children during these formative years. With this program, all students are required to undergo practical training with toddlers or infants, preschoolers, and school-age children. 

    After completing the NACC Early Childhood Assistant Diploma program, graduates demonstrate proficiency as skilled professionals capable of cultivating a secure and stimulating learning environment for young children. Whether working in daycare centers, preschools, or educational institutions, these individuals assume a crucial role in advancing early learning experiences that significantly contribute to a child's holistic development.

    Education Assistant Diploma 

    This is another pathway to education sector aspirants. The Education Assistant Diploma at ABM College is designed to prepare students for various classroom settings. The diploma program not only imparts essential skills and knowledge to students to align with industry demands and trends, but also incorporates a four-week practicum. During this practical experience in a real-life setting, Education Assistant Diploma graduates acquire plenty of hands-on experience. These graduates anticipate entering a work environment that is dynamic, challenging, and fulfilling.

    Education Assistants play a crucial role in the overall success of both students and teachers by acting as liaisons between students' needs and educators' objectives. Through their diverse responsibilities, they contribute to establishing a supportive and enriching educational atmosphere, and fostering academic and personal excellence in students.


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    In Canada, the International Day of Education is marked through various initiatives such as digital campaigns, symposiums, community forums, and school events. These programs have the overarching goal of highlighting the significance and worth of education. They provide avenues for discussions on the current state of education in Canada and explore opportunities for enhancement. Globally, this observance consistently aligns with the United Nations' choice of January 24th as the designated date.

    ABM College is fostering towards providing quality education to students and preparing them to meet and exceed industry standards. The NACC Early Childhood Assistant Diploma and Education Assistant Diploma are not just courses; they are pathways to meaningful careers that align with the principles of inclusive education and early childhood development. Adding more to it, students will acquire knowledge in adolescent development, curriculum design, assessment techniques, and behavioural management, along with other essential skills necessary to become versatile and accomplished professionals.

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