How Building your LinkedIn can Accelerate Success

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    For those of you who are still unsure of what LinkedIn really is, allow us to help you understand. LinkedIn is a database of professionals who are building a reputable career, seeking a job or are recruiting candidates for a position. It differentiates from other forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because it was specifically created for the purpose of showcasing a professional profile. Here is a quick guide on how to make a successful LinkedIn profile to accelerate your career!

    Complete Your Profile 

    Do your best to complete every section of your profile, as this increases your discoverability and profile search appearances. Whether it is choosing a good profile picture, customizing your URL and developing a result-oriented employment history and detailed job descriptions, all of these efforts, no matter how big or small, will surely pay off in the end.  

    For your profile picture, keep in mind that this must be a professional photo that you are easily recognizable in. This is not a social network where you would want to post a picture of yourself wearing your yellow polka dot socks while making the duck face.

    LinkedIn Recommendation: Skills and Endorsements

    There is a unique skills section on LinkedIn that includes an endorsement feature — people are able to “endorse” a skill on your profile, which provides credibility. For example, a person may believe they possess strong communication skills, but if they have zero endorsements for that skill, it presents an inconsistency. Once you receive endorsements, you can rearrange the skills in an order that you find to be the most suitable. Ensure that you remove skills that do not match your persona. Your connections are also able to recommend skills for you to add to your profile. This is the section that can really help your profile stand out from the crowd! It is also the place, other than the job experience section, where employers can gain a sense of how much of an expert and reputable candidate you are. So, don’t be afraid to ask others for endorsements or better yet, make the first move and endorse people you know. 

    Find Connections!

    Connect with previous employers, colleagues, acquaintances, coworkers and alumni! Do not add random people to your profile simply to increase the number of connections you have. Slowly build a strong and professional following.

    Another good LinkedIn profile tip is to connect with others in industries you would like to be a part of. Review their employment journey to understand what more skills and experiences you need to succeed, and gather the courage to start a conversation! That way, if you have any relevant skills and experiences or a good personality to work with, they may keep you in mind if an opportunity arises. 

    Update Your Profile Frequently

    Once you have completed your profile, make sure that you frequently update your LinkedIn page as you do with other social media networks like Facebook. Do not be a temporary LinkedIn user when seeking a job — you will miss out on several opportunities if you do this, and it will hinder you from further building your profile! 

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