Honoring Fathers and Promoting Men's Health: A Dual Celebration

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    Father is a person who will stand with you emotionally, mentally, financially, and through whatever the situation may arise.  He will never give up on you. He will always be there to help you and support you. He will always be your mentor and friend. You can call him your treasure and your best friend. He will be your source of strength and courage. He will be your rock in the storm. 

    As Father’s Day approaches, dads might have plans to make this day special with their family or maybe their kids have planned something good for them. There is always something special about Father's Day. It is a special day to show your love and appreciation for your dad. Take the time to tell him how much you care and thank him for all he has done, especially the hard-working fathers who are role models for many.  

    Father’s Day this year is on June 16, 2024.  Let's show our appreciation to the fathers working hard to provide for their families. Let's make this Father's Day extra special for them. Let's thank them for their hard work and dedication.

    Men’s Health Week

    This third week of June is also Men’s Health Week. This week is a reminder for men to take care of their health and prioritize their health. We should encourage the men in our lives to prioritize their health and take the time to take care of themselves. Let's help them lead healthier and happier lives. Let's make sure they get the physical check-ups they need. Let's help them make healthier lifestyle choices. Let's help them find their balance in life.

    Moving further, let’s delve into what our working fathers have to say. How they manage the balance between working, fatherhood, and their personal life too. Because it’s always a challenge to juggle all three.  

    Let’s see what they have to say and how they will be celebrating this day. Let's listen to their stories and create a platform that connects fathers and helps them share experiences. Let's help them find the strength and courage to lead healthy lives.

    Lovedeep Sangha (Instructor - Administrative Assistant) 

    Lovedeep Sangha with his Daughter
    Lovedeep Sangha with his Daughter

    What Motivated You to Pursue a Career in the Field of Education? 

    The best reason to be a teacher was that I wanted to have a positive, inspiring impact on children's lives. I achieved this by being kind, caring, empathic, and passionate. These are great qualities that I learned about my inspiration. In such a fast-paced world, Modern Studies is a great subject to be able to explore newly occurring issues/topics further. From the teaching perspective, teacher job satisfaction is when students learn and have progressed, are responsible, grow and develop well. Teachers can also experience job satisfaction when teachers engage in activities and function their abilities to the fullest.

    How Do You Balance the Demands of Being a Father and an Instructor at ABM College?

    • Manage Your Time Wisely. To create a healthy balance between work and parenting, it is important to manage your time wisely.
    • Set Boundaries. Parenting and your career are both very important
    • Make Time for Yourself
    • Build a Support System
    • Find Quality Childcare You Trust

    What Advice Would You Give to Other Fathers in Similar Roles?

    Personally, one of the most important things you need to learn as a father is that it's OK to ask for help. You can't do everything on your own, and there will be times when you need some support. So don't hesitate to ask your partner, friends, or family for help when you need it.


    • Spend extra time building relationships. 
    • Find ways to laugh and have fun in the classroom.
    • Don't take the tough days personally.
    • Find teacher friends you connect with.
    • Build a proactive self-care plan.
    • Delete your work e-mail from your phone.
    • Be kind. This is the advice I have received the most often from great teachers. ...
    • Let students get to know you. ...
    • Help students get to know each other. ...
    • Lighten up a little.

    Kiran Vijayan Sheeja (SEO Specialist at ABM College)

    Kiran with his Son
    Kiran with his Son

    Kiran is an SEO specialist at ABM College and is originally from India. He is passionate about his work and works with full dedication. Kiran believes that it is important to help students connect and create a positive learning environment. He is a father too and shares the same love for his son. He loves to travel and explore new places. He is a great mentor and loves to help others.

    What Are Some of The Ways You Balance Your Responsibilities as a Father of One With Your Demanding Role in SEO at ABM College?

    ABM College is fantastic when it comes to work-life balance. Their flexible schedule allows me to structure my workday efficiently and dedicate quality time to my child after work.

    However, to truly achieve balance, I rely on a few key strategies:

    • Prioritization and Time Management: I prioritize tasks during work hours, maximizing productivity to ensure I can leave on time.
    • Communication: I keep my team updated on my schedule and workload, allowing for seamless collaboration even when I'm not physically present.
    • Focus and Efficiency: While working, I maintain focused attention to minimize distractions and complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

    This approach allows me to excel in my SEO role at ABM College while being fully present and engaged with my child outside of work.

    How Do You Plan to Celebrate Father's Day this Year with Your Family?

    This year for Father's Day, I'm taking a two-pronged approach to celebrate with my family!

    Firstly, to connect with my dad who lives in India, I've planned a Lunch outing for him and my mother. I will surprise him with a table booking for both of them as it would be Sunday and they can enjoy the outing too. The time difference is challenging, but I am sure he will be happy and spend quality time with my mother.  

    Secondly, I'm planning a fun outing with my child to an indoor playground. This ensures we have a relaxing and engaging activity regardless of the weather. It showcases my ability to manage time effectively and dedicate quality time to my child outside of work hours.

    Overall, this approach allows me to balance my work responsibilities with celebrating Father's Day with both my dad and child.

    Gift Him a Diploma Program

    Juan with his sons
    ABM College Father’s Day promotion

    ABM College in Canada offers varied programs in Health, Business, and Technology. Do something extraordinary and surprise your Dad by gifting him the program he always wanted to pursue but wasn’t able to in the past. ABM College is currently running a special Father’s Day promotion. Let’s have a look at the promotion: 


    This Father’s Day

    Dads deserve nothing but the best for shouldering whatever life throws at them. That is why this Father’s Day, ABM College is giving all men, dads, and dads-to-be the gift of education they deserve.

    From now until Sunday, June 16, 2024, the first 50 aspirational men (including dads and dads-to-be) who are looking to pursue the career of their dreams will receive a scholarship worth $500 to help fund their education when they enroll in a program at ABM College!*

    *Mention "MEN2024" to claim the scholarship!

    Give a chance to your father to make his career dreams come true. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

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