Giving Back During International Volunteer Day 2023

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    t is no secret that the world is struggling with numerous challenges – pandemics, wars, and poverty… While Canada fairs better than many nations, it is not immune to hardship. Long, cold winters often create a desperate struggle for its vulnerable populations. Even in the face of personal limitations in time and resources, there are ways for Canadians to extend a helping hand. International Volunteer Day catalyzes these efforts, encouraging individuals to engage in acts of kindness, from contributing extra food and old clothing to participating in blood drives.

    International Volunteer Day

    Initially established by the United Nations in 1985, International Volunteer Day celebrates the invaluable contributions of volunteers worldwide. It aims to recognize their dedication and impact in addressing global challenges while promoting their essential role in any healthy society. This day underscores the significance of volunteer work in creating resilient communities and building social bridges across borders. The theme for 2023 is “The Power of Collective Action” – a reminder that communities who work together can overcome any challenge.

    #IfEveryoneDid #IVD2023

    Food Drives

    ABM Food Drive for October 2023 staff presents food for donation
    ABM Food Drive Oct 2023

    Food Banks Canada and the Calgary Food Bank stand as pivotal organizations in the fight against hunger, offering essential support to millions of Canadians struggling to put food on their family’s tables. Through food drives, individuals can donate non-perishable items, providing essential sustenance to those in need, particularly during harsh Canadian winters. While supplies often get a boost around Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is important to remember that hunger is a daily concern for the disadvantaged.

    Clothing Drives

    ABM Clothing Drive for November 2023 staff presents clothing for donation
    ABM Clothing Drive Nov 2023

    Organizations like Diabetes Canada, Goodwill, and Value Village champion clothing drives, allowing Canadians to declutter their closets while making a meaningful impact on the less fortunate. Even at 0°C, frostbite on exposed skin can begin in less than an hour. Winter jackets, hats, gloves, and boots are vital this time of year as prolonged exposure to the elements can be fatal to those living on the streets. Donated clothing not only aids those lacking proper attire but also reduces waste.

    Blood Drives

    ABM Blood Drive for September 2023 staff presents previously used blood for donation
    ABM Blood Drive Sep 2023

    Canadian Blood Services and the Red Cross play instrumental roles in organizing blood drives across the nation. Donating blood is a selfless act that directly saves lives, addresses critical shortages, and supports medical treatments that rely on these vital donations. Every year Canada faces a noticeable drop in donations over the winter months when the demand for it is even higher.

    Local Volunteer Portals

    All major Canadian cities like Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg offer local volunteer portals, serving as hubs to connect individuals with various volunteering opportunities. Whether it is mentoring programs, environmental initiatives, or community outreach, these portals make it easy to find worthy causes within one's community:


    International Volunteer Day in Canada serves as an important reminder of the power individuals hold to effect positive change, even in the face of adversity. The collective efforts of Canadians participating in food and clothing drives, blood donations, and local volunteering initiatives significantly alleviate hardships and foster a stronger, more compassionate society.

    The staff of ABM College proudly supports the above worthy causes. All local students wishing to contribute are encouraged to do so by stopping by ABM’s Calgary Campus. We are collecting gifts for The Magic of Christmas and non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank.

    If you aren’t a student yet, contact us to learn how you can be!

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