Education Assistant in Canada: Duties, Wages, and more

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    ecoming an education assistant is a great career choice. You can influence the lives of students and inspire them to better themselves, that’s why the role of an education assistant is crucial to the classroom environment and to the success of the students themselves. 

    There’s a lot of work involved that teachers cannot always handle, which is then given responsibility to the education assistant, or EA. Being an EA can be an exciting and rewarding career as you will get the opportunity to work with different types of students who have different needs, and educators who have alternate ways of teaching. It will make you a well rounded individual both on the personal and professional level. 

    So what does it take to become an education assistant? In this blog, we’ll go over how to become an education assistant in Canada, as well as how much an education assistant gets paid by province or territory. 

    What does an education assistant do? 

    There’s many tasks that an education assistant can take care of. Their responsibilities can range from teaching-related duties to play time activities to supervision. The undertakings can depend on the circumstances and needs of the school or the classroom in question.

    Key responsibilities of an education assistant are: 

    • Making sure the class is prepared for activities
    • Helping students and supervising them 
    • Monitoring the behaviour of students 
    • Taking care of paperwork 
    • Collecting student evaluation data 
    • Marking tests for teachers’ review 
    • Documenting pupils’ strengths and weaknesses 
    • Assisting in field trips and other events and activities

    There are certain traits and qualities that you should possess to become a successful education assistant. These include being flexible, having patience, creativity, high tolerance level, sensitive to those around you, and a positive attitude. As well, you should have good health and physical fitness. 

    Employment opportunities 

    Working as an education assistant goes beyond the classroom. There are many different types of areas where they can work, and these include: 

    • Private, public, and charter schools from kindergarten to grade 12
    • Early intervention programs
    • Post-secondary schools
    • High schools for adults 
    • Child care centers
    • Day programs and summer camps
    • Homeschooling environments 
    • After school programs
    • Other social services where education is offered

    You can work at the capacity you’re comfortable with since there are both full time and part time opportunities and jobs available. 

    As an education assistant, you might be worried whether there’s room for you in the market. While there is a decent amount of competition in the field, you can get into the workforce easily with an education assistant course online in Canada. 

    According to ALIS, the occupational group for elementary and secondary school teacher’s assistants was projected to grow nearly 2 percent from 2019 to 2023. Job openings were created by employee turnover, and 290 new positions were or will be generated during this time frame annually. As well, 70 percent of recruiters for this role hired education assistant professionals in the past two years. 

    Since jobs are growing, there are lots of chances for you to find fulfillment and decent employment prospects. You can take an education assistant program online, in person, or mixed training to increase your chances of finding beneficial employment that will help you in the future. 

    How Much Does an Education Assistant Get Paid? 

    According to, the education assistant salary in Canada is $40,511 per year on average, or $20.78 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $36,420 per year, while experienced workers can make up to $50,016 per year.

    Job Bank Canada has broken down the hourly wages of education assistants across the country: 

    Education Assistant Salary in Canada, province wise

    How to Become an Education Assistant in Canada

    Enrolling in an education assistant diploma program is the fastest and easiest way to become one. It will prepare you for all the aforementioned duties that you will be in charge of while giving you additional training where needed, such as having a mandatory practicum at the end so you can get real-life experience. 

    The education assistant course will not only teach you how to do the tasks, but also inform you of practical studies in child and adolescent development, curriculum development, assessment and behavioral management, along with key computer software skills. 

    In nearly every province and territory, the process to become an education assistant is the same. It is often necessary to complete one year post-secondary education and receive a certificate in the field to find a job in this role. Employers are more likely to hire you, have confidence in your skills, and trust that you can do the job. 

    ABM College’s online education assistant program in Alberta will give you the appropriate skills and training that you need. The program is online, so you have the freedom to take your classes from wherever you are in the country. 

    Contact us today for more information. 

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