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    Advertising is an integral and imperative part of any company. It not only helps to establish a new market for a particular product or service, but it also helps to expand product awareness in a pre-existing market. For any marketing campaign, advertising appeals can make or break brand awareness. Prior to implementing a marketing strategy, it is important to research on which advertising appeal best depicts your product successfully to your target consumer demographic. Without further introduction, here is a brief explanation of the top five advertising appeals used within marketing campaigns by business administrators.

    Rational - The Logical Appeal

    Arational appeal is categorized as being a "logical" and "reasonable" approach to marketing a product or service. Generally, organizations that employ this tactic tend to orient their advertisements to highlight a product or service’s features, price, or overall efficiency. Common products that are marketed using arational appeal are lower-price ranged automobiles and various household appliances such as food processors and vacuums. Rational ad campaigns are very widespread, as they appeal to several consumer demographics, due to the high demand and need for the products.

    Sex - The Promiscuous Appeal

    Sex is a self-explanatory appeal that canstir-up controversywhen targeted to the wrong consumer,whichis why it is bettersuited for adult audiences. A product that is consistently advertised through the integration of a sex appeal is perfume/cologne. Often, scent advertisements portray both male and females in a very promiscuous manner, in which a small spritz of “x” brand’s perfume leads to an increase in the individual's attractiveness to the opposite sex. This leads consumers to believe that if they were to purchase and use the product, their overall sex appeal would increase.

    Humor - The Hysterical Appeal

    Humor is another appeal that is self-explanatory, which, if correlated with a fitting product/service, can prove to be very effective. If humor is misused and consumers are offended by the advertisementinstead of being intrigued, the ad campaign will backfire and cause a decline in product sales, which will prove to bedetrimental to the success and growth of the company. This is why marketers commonly use this appeal for products that are purchased and established such as food, cell phones, and alcohol.

    Fear – The Pessimistic Appeal

    Fear is an appeal that builds on consumer feelings of pessimism and negativity. It has provento be a very successful marketing approach to advertising campaigns that raise awareness on societal issues such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Advertisers purposely display the worst possible outcome within the scenario to instill feelings of fear within consumers, followed by a prevention method that is introduced through a product/service.

    Bandwagon – The High Self-Monitor Appeal

    This appeal isvery effective on people who are high self-monitors, as they are more likely to conform to social norms. The main message of this advertising appeal is to purchase a service or product because everyone else is doing it. A common method of implementing this advertising appeal is by representing your product as being a part of the "popular crowd." Companies that sell alcoholic beverages use this technique when running television commercials, because it causespeople to believe that if they were to purchase the company's product, they would obtain popularity and social acceptance, as the actors within the advertisements are.Are you interested in learning more about Marketing? Well, it is your lucky day because ABM College offers a Business Administration Program!

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