Building Positive Relationships with Students as an Education Assistant

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    uilding relationships with students is not an easy task and education assistants have to keep in mind many things in order to develop a good rapport with their pupils. Education Assistant is the program that can help you in learning the aspects required to be a good assistant. This will teach you how to connect with students, how to teach them, maintain good relations with them, the teaching strategies for those with special needs, and much more. 

    Before moving further towards opting for this online education assistant program, it's good if you know why building a positive relationship with students is important and how you can achieve it. To build successful relationships especially with special kids, mutual respect must be at the core. When you ask individuals about their favourite teacher from school, they will likely recall and describe at least one teacher who made a positive impact on their life and influenced them in some way. However, if you were to ask students and teachers separately about what constitutes a positive teacher-student relationship, you would probably receive different answers. 

    5 Qualities an Education Assistant Must Have 

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    1. Patience 

    Patience is the key to the success of any relationship. It is always said if you have patience you can win any situation. Working with special kids always requires composure and there are going to be days when it will be a test of your patience. It is not only for kids but an education assistant should have patience with their co-workers and teachers as it is something which you just have control over you but not on others. Everybody has different ways of dealing with things so you can work on yours to achieve good results. 

    1. Communication

    This is another vital aspect which is necessary for an EA to have. At every stage of work, whether preparing a plan for students, discussing it with the team, or talking to parents, it is mandatory to have a clear conversation and for that communication is the tool to make them understand what you are trying to explain. This job requires teamwork and connection with everyone, so communication is the glue that will bind the team.

    1. Compassion
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    An EA should be compassionate about doing the work as he will be meeting different kids with different needs and different attention levels. If you are doing your work compassionately you need not take things personally. 

    1. Empathy and Understanding

    An education assistant must possess empathy and an ability to connect with the students they assist. This entails identifying when a student is facing academic or emotional challenges and finding appropriate means to facilitate their learning and provide support.

    1. Organization

    This quality is not just restricted to the school setting; you should be punctual all the time as students follow their mentors and you have to set an example for them. Furthermore, EA always has the records to be maintained and discussed with teachers and parents, so a lot of paperwork is to be done. Being organized and efficient in work life and managing all the records is a necessary thing, you must recognize this. 

    Final Thoughts

    ABM College in Calgary offers an Education Assistant Certificate program, which aims to provide learners with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to support students with exceptionalities, and also help students gain the necessary skills and qualifications to work as Education Assistants in educational settings. If you love teaching and want to be surrounded by students then don’t wait, enroll now for the upcoming batch at ABM College. 

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