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Advanced Medication Certificate and its Benefits

ABM College offers an Advanced Medication right here on campus!

Student holding needle in classroom

ABM College provides a fourteen-hour ADVANCED MEDICATION CERTIFICATE program for Health Care Aide students, building on the Alberta Health Services Health Care Aide Curriculum Module Six. The content facilitates the Health Care Aide to comfortably and safely assist clients requiring care and assistance, whether in a facility or at home. Greater  understanding  of medication categories, effect on body , risks, complications and the role for the Health Care Aide of  key observation, reporting  and recording skills. Skills for drawing insulin in a syringe injection are included. Assisting with  appropriate use of inhalers and breathing facilitates the many clients with obstructive lung conditions. Guidelines from the Canadian Pharmacy organization to assist with the many challenges of elderly clients at home are included. Ensuring client rights and safety measures are a focus.

Students sorting pills in advanced medication classroom.

This course in imperative for those working in the Home Health Care industry. Our last Advanced Medication course took place March 23rd-26th. The course is instructed by Muriel who is a registered nurse with many years experience. The course is usually a two-day course on the weekend. If you're looking to become a Health Care Aide, enroll at ABM College and register (at ABM College office) for the next one! There's a discount for students of ABM College!

Practicing with an inhaler in a classroom.
Sorting pills into a container in advanced medication class.

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