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ABM College Launches New Easter Egg Hunting Course

ABM College has launched a new Easter Egg Hunting Course just in time for Easter Sunday. Due to high demand, the college has designed a carefully-curated fast-track course that will see students be qualified in just 3 days to take on any scavenger hunt that Sunday throws at them.

The intense course is taught by highly qualified instructors with over 20 years of egg hunting experience and launches today, April 1 2021, exclusively for the lead up to Easter Sunday this weekend.

This exclusive course is aimed to give students the knowledge and training needed to succeed in all kinds of egg and scavenger hunts around the world for different cultural celebrations. Covering the ins and outs of hiding, finding, and gathering eggs, as well as learning about the history of scavenger hunts, egg theory, and the art of gathering.

Instructors will teach students how to correctly preserve energy to make their egg hunt as efficient as possible, and there will be multiple practice egg hunts to test students’ abilities and monitor their progression.

Students can attend this course in-person or virtually through our online learning option. The flexible course schedule also allows students to opt for morning, evening, and weekend classes to fit into their busy schedules.

Take a look at the course information below and contact ABM College to find out more about this highly sought after course. Or take a look at our other programs.

Happy April 1st.

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