ABM College Fall Graduation: Nov 29 2022

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    t was feverish with excitement. With grad gowns and caps adorning almost 400 ABM College graduates from around the province, the atmosphere in the Jack Singer Concert Hall was palpable. You could feel the hope for the future as these graduates completed their college journeys. 

    On Nov. 29, 2022 ABM College proudly welcomed 394 former students to our Alumni family. The sound of happiness, congratulations, and hope reverbed off the hall’s walls. Instructors, staff, family and friends were speckled throughout the crowd. 

    Opening Remarks 

    The ceremony began with an opening speech from the ABM College founder and president, Dr. Mohammed Baten. His words to the graduates encouraged them to continue embodying the principles of ABM College: passion, integrity, and success.  Baten’s message was light-hearted as he spoke with conviction and even offered advice as they venture  into the working world. 

    Following Baten’s speech was Kathy DuGray. One of ABM College’s Addictions and Community Service Worker (ACSW) program instructors. DuGray spoke directly to the graduates, commending them on their journey from enrollment to graduation, a difficult juggling act many students go through. From early mornings and late nights, every student can relate to the balancing act they have endured. 

    Graduates also heard encouraging words from  Ward 5 city counsellor Raj Dhaliwal and Amy Funk, the operations manager from Emma House. Warm wishes for the future and congratulatory words were also passed on from Richard Gotfried, the MLA for Calgary’s Fish Creek are and Demetrios Nicolaides, the Minister of Advanced Education 

    After a final speech from the valedictorian, Deborah Cheesman from the Addictions and Community Service Worker (ACSW)  program. With the conclusion of the speeches, the co-hosts began the proceeding of the much anticipated moment when the graduates would walk the stage. 

    Walking the Stage

    “You made it,” said Kathy DuGray. 

    There’s very little that can be written, but thankfully very much that can be captured. ABM College’s videographer, Juan Cofre, beautifully captured all the moments and feelings of this past graduation

    Kathy DuGray moves the tassel on a graduate's cap.
    Kathy DuGray moves the tassel on a graduate's cap.

    As graduates walked the stage and applause followed each name, this marked the end of their program’s journey at ABM College and the beginning of their new careers. 

    To view the full graduation gallery, head over to our photo gallery.

    Grad Caps Tossed, Pictures Taken, and Now Footsteps to the Future

    Graduates of the ABM College's Fall Graduation toss their caps

    The caps have been thrown (and caught), the smiling photographs have been memorialized in memories and in albums, many graduates can now confidently stroll into their futures.

    For some attending college was a starting stone to bring them closer to their dream careers, for others going back  to College was a pivotal choice to change their careers. But one string ties both these ideas together: the willingness to change, preserve, and succeed. 

    The stories of these graduates are all unique in their own experiences but a common theme can be drawn across the board, it’s never too late to change or start taking steps toward the career you want. If you have ever wanted to start, the doors at ABM College are always open and waiting for you.

    To our new Alumni, we wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and careers. We are thankful to have been a part of your journey and to have shared this milestone with you. 

    A student writing on their notebook.

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