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    very mother is different but the love and affection you receive from your mother is always something to treasure. Nobody can love you more than a mother. Mothers go through thick and thin to give her kids the best life.  She will always be there for you no matter what. She will be the first one to support and motivate you. She will always be your rock and your source of strength. Always remember her sacrifices and the pains she goes through to give you a life full of happiness. This Mother’s Day, make it special for your mom by showing her how much you appreciate her and make her feel special. Hug her and tell her how much you love her. 

    Let’s move further and see what our instructor Amrita Saini has to say to her mother this Mother’s Day. 

    A short bio - 

    Amrita Saini, a passionate educator, holds a Master's in Management Studies with a major in Marketing and a Bachelor’s in Education and Management Studies. Her educational journey spans roles from teaching in Mumbai, India to her current position as a Business Instructor in Calgary, Canada addressing the needs of diverse students.

    Who is the superwoman who inspired you in your life and why?

    Mother and Daughter posing at Lake Loise Alberta
    Amrita Saini with her Mother (Surinder Kaur)

    In the tapestry of my life, there is one superwoman who stands out as a beacon of strength, resilience, and grace – my mother. My mother, Surinder Kaur, has been the cornerstone of my inspiration. Her commitment to creating a nurturing environment for us and her constant support for my dreams paved the way for my journey in teaching. My mother taught me that education is not merely about imparting knowledge but about shaping compassionate and empathetic individuals who can contribute meaningfully to society.

    As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I am grateful for the opportunity to pay homage to the incredible mother who has shaped my journey. Becoming a teacher has not only allowed me to follow my passion but also carry forward the legacy of empowerment and inspiration that my superwoman, my mother, has bestowed upon me. Today, I stand as a proud educator, striving to make a positive impact in the lives of my students and carrying the torch of empowerment forward in the spirit of Mother’s Day.

    Furthermore, I would like to say that I reflect on my journey as an instructor and the remarkable woman who has inspired and shaped my path and all the credit goes to my inspiring mother. 

    Mother’s Day Gifting Guide 

    The following gift guide will hopefully help you to surprise your mother with a unique present. We searched for the perfect gifts to honoring mothers around the world. Team ABM encourages you to check them out and show your appreciation for all mothers this Mother's Day.

    Every gift holds different sentiments and care for your mother. While there is nothing wrong with giving her a thing that she wants. Sometimes a small gift or a personalized gift can have more feelings and significance. You are also looking for something unique and meaningful this Mother’s Day. Don’t worry we have compiled a list of gift items that can be useful and will show your love towards your mother. Every day is a day to pamper your mother with something special, but it is important to make Mother's Day even more memorable. 

    Memory Foam Acupressure Foot Mat
    Memory Foam Acupressure Foot Mat
    Image from Amazon

    Your mother is probably at an age where she gets tired easier and often has pain in their feet. So consider giving her something which will help her release her pain and feel relaxed. Buy a memory foam mat which features acupressure points that specifically target sore areas, offering your mom a great way to alleviate pain and release tension, especially after intense gym sessions. Additionally, it's portable, making it convenient for travel as well.  

    Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame
    Image showing a photo display gadget called Nixplay
    Image from Walmart.com

    Share your memories with ease among your family members. Utilize Nixplay to effortlessly send photos and videos to her digital frame. Your mom can also seamlessly import her photos from Google, Facebook, and Instagram to create a continuous slideshow. 

    Personalized Engraved Message Plant Pot
    engraved pot showing message for mom
    Image from Etsy.com

    If your mum is a nature lover with a love of flowers, then consider a delightful terra-cotta pot which can be customized with your chosen message, transforming it into a heartfelt home for her beloved kitchen herbs or potted flowers. You can personalize it with a brief note to Mom or a snippet from her favorite poem.

    A Bespoke Care Package
    Daughter while giving a mothers day package to her mother
    Image by Freepik

    Your mom is always there to care for you, so it’s your turn to pamper her with a perfect care package. You can customize it or get it from outside.  Include her favorite chocolates, her favorite book, or even her favorite flowers. Make sure to include a note to show her how much she means to you. Not only this, but if you want something theme based, then there are ample options available online. You can buy it online and deliver it to her house with a personal note letting her know how special she is to you.  

    Put a Ring on It
    MOM icon
    Image by Atomicgold.com

    Today petite and cute rings are trending. These petite customized letter ring is perfect for its simplicity, ability to stack, and the fact that it’s crafted from 100% recycled yellow, white, or rose gold sourced from old electronics and jewelry. You can select any letters that hold significance, such as your mom’s initials. If you're unsure of her size, Automic will provide a free sizer, though it may give away the surprise. The price increases as you add more letters, and since it's a custom piece, the company will resize it for you (shipping costs apply) but won't accept returns. Don’t wait, order it now. 

    Gift Her a Diploma Program

    If your mom always wanted to continue her studies but continually put those dreams aside to support you, it would be fitting to return the favor. Ask her to enroll at ABM College and take advantage of its limited time Women’s Day “Empowering Women” Scholarship.  ABM College is pleased to offer a $500 Scholarship* for the first 50 eligible Women to enroll in one of its many online diploma programs*. This offer is valid until May 15th, 2024. While you don’t need to be a mother to take advantage of this opportunity, ABM proudly supports all of the hard working moms out there! Reach out to one of our helpful advisors today and mention promo code “WOMEN2024” for all the details.

    Empowering Women Scholarship for 50 women including mothers.
    *$500 would be added to the completion award upon graduation. For the first 50 women who sign up for an eligible online program only! *Mention “WOMEN2024”.

    Give your mom this opportunity to make her dreams come true. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

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