5 Pocket-Friendly Valentine Gifting Ideas for Students

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    alentine is the peak time when love is in the air, and February is known as a month of love, affection and care. Apart from celebrating this day with couples, people are more aware to spread the love with family and friends. Expressing love in unique ways is easier with unique gifting ideas. 

    Love was simpler decades ago, but in recent times the perception is that cash value directly illustrates the amount of love - the deeper the pocket, the deeper the love. But with these cute and pocket-friendly gifting ideas, one can express love in thoughtful ways for a reasonable price. 

    The demand for cute customized gifts is rising regardless of the occasion. Valentine’s has the extra pressure of being the special occasion for spreading love to your loved one. This day is a token of love and affection by exchanging red roses or gifts ensconced in red wrapping. Celebration of the occasion has increased significantly among youth and married couples. 

    What are you planning to give to your favorite college student?

    V-Day is a perfect time to celebrate and show your kids no matter how old they are now, you still love and care for them. It can be a meaningful gesture amongst siblings. It’s also an opportunity to show your fellow classmate (or crush) how much you care. This gifting guide has affordable gift ideas which will make student life comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. This list highlights some excellent gift selections for almost any student tackling the rigours of college. 

    Valentine's Day gifting guide for students

    1. Travel Thermos or Tumbler
     Young college girl holding a tumbler
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    When it comes to tumblers or thermos for college students, this is a necessity for them and would be a great gift. The college typically involves lots of travel, so carrying a hot or cold beverage in their thermos or tumbler can help them stay hydrated. There are varied options available at cheaper cost with good quality. A set of 2 thermoflask can be bought from Costco at $29.99. Prices can vary a bit, but this gift idea is a great option for any college student. Selecting their favorite colors or customizing a design are great ways to add a personal touch as well. 

    1. Stress Relief Balls
    Male hand holding a stress ball and relieving his stress
    Image by Nikitabuida on Freepik

    Students have so many things to manage. From studies to cooking to exams, it never seems to end. Every student has different stress levels, but relieving stress is always important. Giving a cute stress relief ball can help them in a number of ways. These stress relief balls can be purchased online or from local stores. One interesting thing about gifting the stress ball is you can get a customized message on it. Check online for different stress relief balls available with customization at pocket-friendly prices. 

    1. Massage Coupons
    Image showing ABM Massage Clinic Promotion
    Image by ABM College

    The ABM College massage clinic always comes with something exciting. This Valentine they have numerous massage discount coupons which your student can enjoy at a discounted price. Massage is proven to be good for student health when they feel stressed out. Looking to express your love this Valentine's Day? You can enjoy a relaxing couple's massage at ABM College's Massage Clinic until February 28th at a special price that you'll both love! For this, you need to book an appointment at (403) 717-0647 or email massage@abmcollege.com. You can also read more about the health benefits of massage here.

    1. Care Gift Set
    A pouch with all the necessary toiletries
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    You can customize a care gift set for your lovely student. This can be done by curating the things they need in their regular routine. This would be the best gift to show them how much you care for them. This can be a box of snack meals, stationery items, toiletries, grooming kits, massage kits, hand cream kits and the list goes on.    

    1. Echo Dot
    Image showing an Echo Dot and Apple iPhone
    Image by Wire stock on Freepik

    Listening to music is a relaxing therapy for many. Releasing stress can be done in a number of ways and it is proven that stress can melt away with the power of music. An Amazon Echo Dot is a great gift if your student loves to listen to music - especially those who host get-togethers and parties on weekends. Music not only affects your emotions but your body as well. The cost for this starts from $34. Make sure you check the deals before you buy. You might get a good bargain as it is a perfect Valentine's gift. 

    Final Thoughts

    Every occasion has its own meaning, essence, and emotions. If you are searching for the perfect gift, this guide has you covered. We hope these options delight your dear student without hitting your budget too hard. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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