5 Major Benefits of Employment Counselling for Students

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    hy is employment counselling important for students? Do educational institutions offer career guidance? It’s true that the majority of colleges/universities have started offering employment services to their students as an integral part of the entire learning experience. They provide career counselling based on market research and current employment trends so that their students are prepared to tackle the challenges of the work environment. 

    Online diploma programs offer multiple avenues to students these days to advance their careers. Educational institutions extend support to students from beginning till the end of the course to provide a conducive growth scenario. Employment counselling and career counselling provide the right direction to students and map their career path as per their interests and available job opportunities. 

    Employment services can include providing assistance in job search, offering resume writing tips and samples, helping in building a resume, how to make a cover letter, and guiding through individual consultation. 

    In this blog, we’ll cover the following topics: 

    • What do employment counsellors do?
    • Five major benefits of employment counselling: 
    1. Knowledge about job market
    2. Exploring various career options
    3. Expert advice on work readiness 
    4. Networking opportunities 
    5. Practicum Experience  

    Let’s expand upon these points now. 

    What do Employment Counsellors Do? 

    Employment Counsellors offer advice and support to students who are looking for work on all facets of job searching and career planning. Additionally, they provide guidance and information on human resources and employment-related concerns. As an Employment Counsellor, you can work for various organizations that provide employment services, educational institutions, consulting firms, and human resource divisions of businesses.

    Their main duties include identifying job opportunities, entrance requirements, skill requirements, and other occupational details for clients about the labour market. They gauge students’ interests according to the programs that they pursue, their employment experience, educational background, and professional objectives. Employment Counsellors help students learn work readiness skills, job search techniques, drafting resumes, and preparation for job interviews, as well as identify roadblocks to employment. 

    Hear from Joy Coulmna, ABM College graduate, Business Administration Diploma, how she benefitted from the services of our Employment Counsellors.

    Five Major Benefits of Employment Counselling 

    Whether it’s about seeking guidance on your career path, goals, or exploring current job opportunities, Employment Counsellors can help you in all aspects. Why should you opt for employment services at your college or university? Here are the top five reasons that’ll convince you about the importance of the role the Employment Counsellors in your career:

    Knowledge About Job Market  

    Employment experts provide individual career training services, positioning you ahead of the competitors on the job market. They offer a number of practical solutions to help you accomplish your career goals more swiftly and conveniently. They stay up-to-date with the market situation and prepare you for entering the field of your interest. Employment Counsellors stay connected with you throughout the study period and after when you are seeking employment and they fully assist you till you find the right job. Services offered include portfolio and resume development, job search, cover letters, LinkedIn usage, and much more. 

    Mapping the minds of students, ABM College created an e-Book, as a guide to get you closer to your career goals. You can find some helpful tips on portfolio building, resume construction and interview preparation in the book. You can get your copy here - Download Employment Guide (pdf)

    Exploring Various Career Options 

    As a student, you may get confused about which career option to choose, as the program that you enrolled for may make you eligible to apply for jobs in a variety of industries. You can avail of the services of the Employment Counsellors and they can guide you through the available options.  

    The Employment Counsellors, using their experience, can help you polish your resume so that it contains all the details that employers look for in a qualified applicant. You’ll gain a better understanding of the career options where you can utilize your skills that you attained during the program. It can help you locate the ideal position for your new career.

    Expert Advice on Work Readiness 

    You’ll get expert advice on how to prepare for work, what skills to develop, and what will the job entail. You can clear your doubts about any issues pertaining to the workforce or organizations with the Employment Counsellors. 

    Employable skills are abilities that you can apply in a variety of employment domains. These skills can help you gain a competitive edge over other applicants. The majority of the time, you can learn job ready skills on your own through practice. You’ll be able to develop work ready skills under their guidance. These include excellent communication, problem-solving, team work, empathy, conflict resolution, time management, and so on. 

    At ABM College campus, which is located in the Calgary Career hub, the Employment Counsellors regularly post relevant employment opportunities that students can take advantage of. You can also use various job resources comprising general and industry-specific online job search sites. You can find out more about the available job search resources here. 

    Networking Opportunities

    You get access to career fairs, webinars, and career workshops through the Employment Counsellors. You can attend these events at your convenience and develop a network of career contacts and explore various opportunities. 

    The college/university keeps conducting such events on campus or can connect you to relevant agencies. You may learn from successful people and get their tips by connecting with leaders and peers in your area. Additionally, you can find out about significant updates and impending developments that could affect your industry. Additionally, networking teaches you how to deal with others appropriately.

    Practicum Experience 

    Employment Counsellors work closely with Career Counsellors to help students obtain the crucial real-world experience that helps them apply the knowledge they gain in the classrooms. Students are assigned to real-world workplaces in their fields of study and are required to behave as ordinary employees. While it is encouraged for students to arrange their own work experience placements, once accepted, they must stay there for the duration of the program.

    Employment Counsellors highlight the value of experiential learning. The value of a practicum experience can also create a lot of networking and essential contact chances inside the sector.


    Overall, Employment Counsellors act as guides to show the right career path to students by offering them advice on what will suit them the best. These professionals can discuss the preferences, requirements, and possibilities of the students and they can have a better awareness of their academic abilities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. These resources can help pupils learn.

    ABM College offers employment services and career guidance to its students. With education that gets you hired, our students are trained and equipped to confidently enter the field of their interest, be it health, business, or technology.

    Seeking guidance for employment? 

    Book an appointment with our Employment Counsellors now.  

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