5 Innovative Ideas to Celebrate Canada Day at Home

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    anada Day is just around the corner and you must be busy making plans to celebrate the birth of this beautiful country in your own ways! Some of you may go out to attend events as part of Canada-wide celebrations, while some may decide to stay at home and celebrate Canada Day in your unique style. 

    We’ve got you covered with some innovative ideas to make your day at home exquisite while keeping the patriotic spirit alive. Here are the top five ways to celebrate Canada Day 2022 in the comfort of your home: 

    1. Host a party
    2. Bake/cook Canadian dishes
    3. Crafts with kids/friends
    4. Watch movies together 
    5. Play games

    Let’s explore each of these ideas in detail.

    Host a Party

    If you do not want to step out on Canada Day, you can have a gala time at home! Invite some of your close friends over and spend some good time with them. Involve your family in decorating the house in patriotic red and white, lay the table with exclusive food, and plan some activities to make it a memorable evening. You can create a wreath that displays everything you love about your country, use mylar balloons with letters to spell out ‘Oh Canada’ or ‘Happy Canada Day’, or hang a red and white maple leaf garland that is just perfect for your Canada Day décor, and much more. 

    You can also keep it simple and elegant by choosing specific things for your home decor that day. If you’d like to surprise your guests at the party, try making some DIY confetti poppers to add more colour to the scene. Light up your home with candles for a warm ambiance.  

    You can also recreate these Canadian traditions to entertain everyone. Try out the following:

    • Canadian charades: Make your guests and family members draw/write some classical Canadian symbols on paper and have them acted out. While others guess what the symbol is, everyone can take turns to show their acting skills.

    • Photo booth: You can make a photo booth to create some special moments with your guests clicking away fun pictures. It will be great to see who clicks the best photos.

    • Sing songs: You can make teams and sing songs representing the diversity of the nation. Pick songs sung by Canadian singers and replay them while dancing to their beats! 

    Bake/cook Canadian dishes 

    Another great way to make the most of your day is to bake or cook delicious Canadian recipes. You can have a splendid time with your family while baking or cooking and the kids get to know the taste of the real Canadian dishes. You can bake a strawberry cheesecake, moose cupcakes, pancakes, make almond shortbread sandwiches with strawberry preserves, authentic Canadian poutine with fries, poutine gravy, and cheese curds, or a cheese board. 

    You can also try your hands at making cocktails like this one made with Clamato juice, celery salt, lime wedges, pickled asparagus, pepperoncino, and cheese, or this Canada Day-inspired drink, which is quick to make with ice sprite zero (or any other white fizzy drink), cranberry juice, and strawberries.

    To beat the heat this summer, you can treat your guests with the Canadian Maple Whiskey ice cream, an easy DIY at-home recipe. All you need is maple syrup, whiskey, and bacon to gel well with the ice cream. You can check out more dessert recipes here

    Crafts With Kids/friends

    Art and craft are one of the creative ways to engage your family members, your guests, and their kids. While you can keep it simple for the kids, you can level it up for adults. For kids, you can explore unique ideas like making a vibrant Canada-Day-themed paper kite, puppets denoting Canadian symbols or animals, spin painting, hand painting, maple leaf flowers, pinwheels, and 3D fireworks with paper, moose crafts, and many more things.

    For other family members or your guests, you can arrange puzzles, and origami crafts, get some books in order that you can read and exchange ideas, conduct a quiz on Canada’s history, or host a competition to make the best out of waste related to Canada. 

    Watch Movies Together

    You can have the whole day to yourselves watching your favourite movies and having firecracker popcorn (they explode in your mouth). Create a list of movies with Canadian actors or the ones depicting Canadian history (to showcase it to your kids) and go on a movie-watching spree with your family on your comfy couch. 

    To balance it out, you can keep it a mix of both animated movies and movies of your choice so that the kids don’t feel bored. 

    For the ones who cannot join you, you can organize a virtual movie-watching party, and have a good time! Another thing that you can do is conduct virtual tours of various tourist attractions worth visiting in the world. Your kids will be enchanted with this experience and they will learn about new places. 

    Play Games 

    If you are not the type to sit the whole day in front of the TV, you can go out in the backyard and play some games with your friends and family. You can choose a game that you like the most, your kids’ favourite game, or try to learn something new together. You can play different yard games which are engaging and fun for every age. 

    Sports unite the entire nation and it’s a good way of sharing the legacy of Canadian sports with your children. Who knows they might develop a liking for a specific game? 

    Try these out: 

    • Lacrosse, baseball, basketball: Discuss the history of these Canadian games with your family and kids and have a shot at them at home. Children can begin by batting a balloon or dribbling a basketball.

    • Hockey: Hockey is an all-time favourite of Canadians. This mini hockey game is fun to play with your younger ones at home. Keep it as an option on Canada Day.

    • Indigenous games: Canada is the abode of over 1.6 million Indigenous people (2016 census). They follow distinct traditions and have various games as part of their culture. You can try these Indigenous games with your children and tell them about the Indigenous culture and history. What a better day to talk about the 'First Nations people, Métis or Inuit'.

    While these are some innovative ideas to celebrate Canada Day 2022 at home with friends and family, you can also invent ways to make the celebrations stand out! The point is to make the most of it and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. 

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