The 5 Benefits of Attending a Career College

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    lot of people are looking to further their careers or pave a way for their future by exploring the options available for post-secondary education. And while attending a university or a community college may be the first two places that people think of, a career college has a lot of advantages and is definitely an option to consider.

    A career college provides students with the specific knowledge and skills to get a job in the profession that they desire while providing support and guidance every step of the way. 

    In this blog we will give you the top five benefits of attending a career college.

    1. Flexibility

    Career colleges offer a flexible learning experience in every way you can imagine. While universities offer one or two start dates through the school year, career colleges offer a start date every month. This means that the course can begin whenever you are ready and have the time to study. A career college will fit its courses around your schedule, often offering morning, afternoon, and evening class options for students because they understand that people have other commitments to take care of while they study. 

    Online learning is also usually available at career colleges, giving you even more time to learn at your own pace and better yourself without putting your life and responsibilities on hold for a few years. The online learning option also means that students don’t have to commute to and from different campus locations, or even move into campus accommodation, as would typically be expected when attending university.

    2. Career-Specific Training

    While attending university, students often sign up to a course that they are not in love with, or make a choice that they are not ready to commit to because it’s the ‘right thing to do. This results in 28 per cent of students dropping out during their first year, and of the 72 per cent who stay in school, 40 per cent transfer to a different university. Students often leave with vague, transferable skills, and while universities have many benefits for students who aren’t sure of their future or the industry they want to work in, careers colleges offer the rest.

    Career colleges offer education by providing students with the essential subject matter that gets them hired in the profession that they are looking for. They employ industry experts who have worked in the field, and some who are still working in the industry that they teach. Colleges offer a practicum experience at the end of the course as well to help you gain real world experience.

    The practicum experience provided by career colleges really sets them apart from universities, as it gives the future job-seeker exactly what employers are looking for - experience. While previously employers would have held a university degree in higher regard to a college diploma, the times have changed and employers recognize that career colleges are now providing students with essential, invaluable skills that make them perfect for the job they want to do in the real world, as well as the workplace experience that universities simply can not provide.

    3. Smaller Classes

    Career college class sizes are smaller thanks to the flexibility in the schedule and rolling monthly in-takes, that just aren't available at universities. This means that every student in the class will have the required attention from their instructor, and it means that the instructor can adjust the homework, teaching style, curriculum, and lesson plans based on the specific needs of their students.

    While students at university often sit in a giant lecture hall surrounded by 100 other students, listening to a lecturer speak for hours about a subject, career college students have enough space in their classrooms to move around and learn by doing. Students can form groups and complete different kinds of assignments that give them more of an idea about what life is like in their future career, and gives them the practical skills to succeed.

    Smaller classes at a career college often means that students get to know each other and their instructor very well compared to university students. This means networking opportunities and contacts within the industry they will eventually work in will be easy to make. Knowing a person in a company with a job opening, who recommends you to their employer in the kind of opportunity that money can’t buy, and it starts at a career college.

    4. Attainable Admissions

    Career colleges offer affordable pricing and shorter courses, meaning students can se the benefits sooner while not having to worry about paying off. Career counselors will work with students through every step of their career college experience, and make sure that the students have realistic expectations for the course and the college itself.

    5. Future Protection

    The career counselors and staff at career colleges put a lot of effort into providing a personal and beneficial experience for every student. They organize networking events, provide advice and support throughout and after the students attend college, and play a crucial role in every student’s success.

    Staff at career colleges often have fewer students to deal with and so get to know their students and offer individual support and help when needed. They learn about the career goals, future plans, and concerns of their students and understand the enormity of the decision and investments that the students are putting into their future.

    Career colleges want to see their students succeed and see the changes that they want in their futures. They want to provide an excellent return of investment, and rest their reputation on providing students with the knowledge, qualifications, and skills that will prepare them for the job market and get them hired.

    While attending a career college may not be the right choice for everyone, it is definitely a front-runner in post-secondary education that provides the tools for students to change their lives and succeed.

    For more information about attending a career college visit our website for more personalized help, or download our free eBook, 10 Things to Look For in a Career College.

    Last Updated January 2021

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