4 Shocking Reasons to get CPR and First Aid Certification

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    Anyone Can Save Lives 

    Each year, 35,000 Canadians suffer from cardiac arrest with the vast majority of incidents happening outside the reach of a medical professional. CPR/AED and First Aid Certification creates a hero out of any regular bystander who encounters a situation in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

    CPR is a lifesaving technique performed when someone is not breathing or when the heart stops beating. This alone can increase the odds of survival by 300 to400 per cent if performed immediately. However, not many people knowhow to perform CPR so we’ve found some reasons why you should learn. 

    1) Medical Emergencies Happen Anywhere

    Up to 85 per cent of cardiac arrests happen in homes or public spaces, where chances of survival are as low as 10 per cent. This doesn’t have to be so low if more people know how to properly perform CPR. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the rate of survival can double when someone performs CPR and uses an automated external defibrillator (AED).   

    2) Anyone Can Do It

    In 2011, Canadian emergency-room physicians told The Globe and Mail that even untrained bystanders are “morally obligated to perform chest compressions on people whose hearts have stopped.”  There are various educational institutes that provide a variety of First Aid & CPR Training courses in Calgary, including ABM College. Anyone can enroll, including new parents, babysitters, school administrators, bus drivers, and more.

    3) You Can Save Lives

    Each year, 62,000 Canadians have a stroke, making it a leading cause of death and disability in the country. And, between April 2011 to July 2019, 655 drowning-related cases were reported in Canada, with a majority of cases happening to children under the age of 10. Regardless of how small the chances may seem for you to encounter an incident that requires CPR, you would wish to know more about this basic life saving skill if it meant the difference between life or death.

    4) Build Your Confidence

    Facing a medical emergency may be terrifying for anyone. But CPR and First Aid Training Certification can provide you with the necessary skills and the confidence to perform life-saving procedures when the time comes, keeping you calm and focused in an intense situation.

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