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4 Awesome Tech Devices for Elder Care

Conventional wisdom dictates that technology is a tough sale to the elderly. While that may be true, one would presume that their (younger) caregivers are more open-minded about it. With the emergence of big data, cloud-based platforms and mobile computing, there is no excuse for elder care aides to be stingy on the available technologies out on the market. Here is a list of four innovative devices.

1. MobileHelp

elder care

This medical alert system enables users to summon emergency help at anytime, anywhere. Outfitted with a GPS tracking system and a 24/7 communications line with company operators, its small size allows it to be practical as well. MobileHelp offers several package options, and no contracts are necessary. MobileHelp is awesome: while it works like countless other alarm systems, its unique value lies in its wireless connectivity to mobile networks like Telus and Bell.

2. TV Ears

A fun and useful device, TV Ears allows the wearer to hear the television clearly without turning up the volume. The user can thus set the volume at his or hers desired level, while others listen at their preferred sound level. A plight affecting thousands of elders, hearing loss can have a huge negative impact on quality of life. With TV Ears, seniors can find a temporary relief to their auditory woes.



3. BeClose

Using discrete and unobtrusive wireless sensors strategically placed around a senior’s residence, this unique technology allows caregivers to track a senior’s movement around the house. Thus, daily routines can be determined, and appropriate care can be put into place to cater to these habits. BeClose also possesses a built-in alarm system, which sounds off anytime there is a disruption in the senior’s predetermined routine. BeClose has yet to be released, and is currently being tested in various facilities all around the world. Created by a small startup out Tyson's Corner, Virginia, this device has the potential to make some serious headway in the elder care industry.



4. Carely

Carely is a mobile application (iOS and Android) whose aim is to “bring together family members around their aging loved ones to make caregiving much simpler and a lot less stressful”. Its platform allows family members to connect with one another and coordinate all interactions with a loved one. These great features, coupled with a user-friendly interface, make Carely a must-own for any serious elder caregiver. While the mobile app sector is quite crowded, Carely stands out from its competitors due to its convenient and intuitive collaboration tools.



According to Forbes, senior care is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar industry in the next few years. While the innovative pieces of technology described above could be game-changers, the bulk of elder care is still done in the form of in-home, personalized service. By embracing this new technology and combining it with traditional in-person care, caregivers will be able to provide a better experience to their clients, and contributing to the positive trend of seniors living fulfilling and longer lives.

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