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    veryone needs an escape from the rigors of school and work on occasion, and movies are a great option for that. Since Friday, June 14th is National Movie Night, and this weekend is Father’s Day, ABM College is proud to present the greatest all-time movie franchises to enjoy with your Dad. #TeamABM has broken down the best classic cinematic franchises by genre to find the movie that suits your Dad the best. Whether he’s into high-octane action, side-splitting comedies, heartwarming dramas, or thrilling sci-fi adventures, we’ve got something that will make your movie night unforgettable.

    Grab some popcorn and strap in for a cornucopia of movie greatness!

    Superhero: DEADPOOL

    Image by 20th Century Fox

    Since the release of the original Iron Man in 2008, there has been no shortage of gems in comic-based superhero movies. That said, Canadian icon Ryan Reynolds deserves the crown for his hilarious portrayal of anti-hero Wade Wilson, best known as Deadpool. The wisecracking merc with a mouth has a penchant for humor, violence, and breaking the fourth wall. A refreshingly self-aware take on superhero tropes, Deadpool is perfect for dads who appreciate a sharp wit, spectacular fight sequences, and gratuitous violence. The third in the series, Deadpool & Wolverine will be hitting theatres on July 26th, 2024.

    Honourable Mentions: Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man

    Dishonourable Mentions: Most DC Universe movies

    Action: DIE HARD

    There are lots of great action franchises out there, but Die Hard has endured as one of the all-time best. The entire series was an intense thrill ride that kept audiences on the edge of their seats (except for the disappointing fifth and final movie). Bruce Willis did a fantastic job as the flawed but relentless hero John McClane. While the original will always be the ultimate Christmas movie, the peak of the series is undoubtedly Die Hard with a Vengeance co-starring Samuel Jackson. Yippie Ki Yay!

    Honourable Mentions: Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones, The Transporter, John Wick, and Rambo


    Image by New Line Cinema

    When it comes to fantasy, there is a clear winner. Peter Jackson masterfully brought Tolkien’s Middle Earth saga to life on the big screen. The literary masterpieces inspired generations with magical tales of heroes and monsters. Most fantasy sagas today can trace their roots back to the book series Tolkien began publishing in 1937. Both the main Lord of the Rings trilogy and the prequel Hobbit trilogy shine as timeless classics for a reason. In a surprise announcement, Warner Bros will be releasing new Lord of the Rings movies with Peter Jackson at the helm. The first in the new series is expected in 2026, The Hunt for Gollum.

    Honourable Mentions: Highlander, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and Pirates of the Caribbean


    The Fifth Element is a vibrant and visually stunning sci-fi adventure that stands out for its unique style and imaginative storytelling. The cult classic stars Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Chris Tucker, and is set in a colorful future where a cab driver becomes an unlikely hero on a quest to save Earth from a cosmic threat. Packed with action, humor, and dazzling special effects, The Fifth Element is perfect for dads who enjoy sci-fi with a twist. Its blend of futuristic technology, eccentric characters, and dynamic plot ensures an exciting and entertaining movie night that transports viewers to an extraordinary world.

    Honourable Mentions: Serenity, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Transformers.

    Comedy: ACE VENTURA

    Image by Warner Bros

    Jim Carrey has a long career of comedic hits, but none were quite as iconic as the hilarious absurdity of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Known for his outlandish behavior and slapstick humor, Ace is a pet detective hired to find the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins. Carrey’s energetic performance and the film’s unique blend of comedy and mystery ensure plenty of laughs. Perfect for dads who appreciate quirky humor and memorable one-liners, this film combines mystery, comedy, and a touch of the absurd, making it a great choice for a lighthearted and fun-filled movie night for the whole family.

    Honourable Mentions: Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Rush Hour, and Groundhog Day.

    Drama: TITANIC

    Titanic, directed by James Cameron, is an epic drama that weaves a powerful love story with historical tragedy. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the film follows the ill-fated romance between Jack, a poor artist, and Rose, a wealthy young woman, aboard the doomed RMS Titanic. With its breathtaking visuals, emotional depth, and unforgettable performances, Titanic captivates audiences and offers a deeply moving experience. Perfect for dads who appreciate a blend of romance, adventure, and historical drama, this timeless film delivers a touching narrative that resonates long after the credits roll.

    Honourable Mentions: The Theory of Everything, With Honors, and Good Will Hunting

    Horror: ZOMBIELAND

    Image by Sony Pictures

    Zombieland brilliantly turns the post-apocalyptic horror genre upside down, turning the end of the world a surprisingly fun adventure. Starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, this horror-comedy follows a quirky crew of survivors navigating a zombie-infested America. With its witty humor, creative zombie kills, and memorable rules for survival, Zombieland is perfect for dads who enjoy a mix of scares and laughs. The film's playful tone, combined with its sharp dialogue and thrilling action, ensures a fun movie night that balances horror with a hefty dose of comedy.

    Honourable Mentions: Shaun of the Dead, Scary Movie, Scream, and Evil Dead.

    Sports: ROCKY

    Rocky is the quintessential underdog story, capturing the heart and spirit of perseverance and determination. Sylvester Stallone stars as Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer who gets a once-in-a-lifetime shot at the world heavyweight title. With its iconic training montages, unforgettable theme music, and powerful performances, Rocky is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and dads who love a good comeback story. This inspirational classic not only delivers intense boxing action but also delves deep into themes of resilience and self-belief, making it a perfect pick for a motivating and heartfelt movie night.

    Honourable Mentions: Happy Gilmore, Slap Shot, and White Men Can't Jump.

    Video Game: SONIC & MARIO

    For decades it was impossible to tell what was more abysmal… Video games based on movies (E.T.), or movies based on video games (House of the Dead). Either way, there were no winners to be found. Mercifully that has changed in recent years with fantastic options in either direction. Whether you grew up loving Sega or Nintendo, you can enjoy both iconic mascots in their recent big-screen adventures. Both options are fun, and while there are new twists on the classic characters, there is no shortage of nostalgia to savour. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 releases in December and Super Mario Bros 2 is expected in 2026.

    Honourable Mentions: Free Guy, Dead or Alive, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil.

    Ultimate: GHOSTBUSTERS

    Image by Sony Pictures

    If you want the ultimate movie night choice though… Who ya gonna call? Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson created a timeless classic that remains loved by generations of fans around the world – 40 years after the original movie hit theatres. Blending comedy, supernatural thrills, and iconic performances, the Ghostbusters legacy is an enduring one. This series follows a group of eccentric parapsychologists who start a ghost-catching business in New York City. After a LONG hiatus, Ghostbusters finally returned in 2021 with Afterlife and earlier this year with Frozen Empire. The witty dialogue and memorable special effects combine to offer the perfect mix of laughs and chills. Ideal for literally everyone. The films’ charm, originality, and enduring appeal make them unbeatable picks for a fun and nostalgic movie night.

    (Answer the Call in 2016 is terrible and doesn’t follow the main continuity, so feel free to ignore that one entirely.)


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