10 Tips For Women Returning to Work

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    When You Decide to be More Than Just a Mother

    Once you have children, it becomes difficult to imagine yourself as an employee. Many women returning to work face challenges when responding to job opportunities with the gap on their resume. A career break can seem daunting, but don’t let it stop you from diving back into the workforce.  

    Adding a job to your life, which is already busy with the full time responsibilities of being a mom, will require you to build a good support network. You will need access to good childcare options, friends and family willing to help out where they can, and employers who offer a flexible working schedule. 

    Here Are 10 Tips For Women Returning to Work
    Know What You Want

    When you begin thinking about going back to work, the first thing to do is decide what you want. Think about what job you would like to do and gather all of the research material regarding that role. This will help you get a better picture of what your potential job prospects are, so you can mentally prepare for the role.

    Update Your Resume

    Gather your professional life experience from before you had kids, or start anew and update your resume so you’re ready to present it to employers. This also requires some extra research into what the industry expects on a resume, and how to tweak the details to minimize the gap maternity leave may have left in your career.


    Networking can result in various invaluable job opportunities, and industry connections. This is where you want to begin the process of reentering the professional world. Let everyone in your network know what skills you have to offer and the type of position you can excel in.Take it a step further if you have the time and energy and attend local events or online groups to expand your network - bigger networks mean more career opportunities.

    Consider Part-Time or Temporary

    Consider part-time or temporary jobs. These can ease your transition from home to the workplace and provide you flexibility in managing your life. 

    Aim to Complete Two to Three Job Related Tasks Daily

    Set a schedule for all of your job search duties, and stick to completing at least two to three tasks a day. 

    Stay Positive

    It takes time to find a fitting position, two to three hours of job search daily, to land something worth sticking to. Stay positive throughout the process and you will land a position that works with your long term plan.  

    Look Into The Employment Laws

    Brush up your skills with local employment law, so that you can head into the workplace informed. There are various regulations you should be aware of.

    Get Support

    This is an important part of any major life changing decision you make. Ask your support people to help you with whatever you may need, including emotional support. You can also connect with community resources, such as support groups, childcare, and more. 

    Manage Your Time

    It could take between 30 minutes to two hours, three to five days each week, to job search most effectively. It could be anywhere from one to six months until you find something, since Calgary has many unemployed people right now.

    Seek Help

    If you are struggling to land a job, seek out help from employment services. They can guide you and help you figure out what needs to be improved to land a sustainable job.

    The process for women returning to work can be lengthy and full of various challenges, but with the right resources and support it can be done smoothly. Once you do start your new job, having a supportive managing director will push you towards success. 

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