10 Benefits to Studying Abroad

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    ost secondary is a place of many opportunities. Once you enter college, the doors open up for you to meet life-long friends, receive professional-level education, hands-on experience in your field of interest, and if you're remarkably lucky, the opportunity to travel and study abroad. 

    Studying abroad may be one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences in a student’s life. By living in foreign places, you are given a chance to see the world through a new lens, live in another culture and soak in all it has to offer. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to study abroad:

    1. Travel, travel, travel
    2. Diverse Perspective: A New Look On Life
    3.  Experience A New Culture
    4. Learn A New Language
    5.  Enhance Your Career Opportunities
    6. Develop A Strong Network
    7. Lifelong Friends
    8. Invest In Your Personal Development
    9. Graduate School Admissions
    10.  Life Experience

    1. Travel, Travel, Travel 

    Students have the world at their fingertips while studying abroad. It can be easy to travel between countries, especially in Europe. In addition, being abroad allows students to experience brand new cultures with unique customs that enrich their global perspective, making them more objective and critical thinkers.

    2. Diverse Perspective: A New Look On Life 

    Introduce yourself to new people, cultures, cities, transportation systems, foods and a new education system altogether. Being open to new experiences and a new way of life is the first step to fully accept your new home. 

    This is your chance to develop your outlook of life, and being away from home and everything you were accustomed to is the best way to diversity your point of view. Completely immersing yourself into the education system of your new country is a great way to start and learn about the people, their traditions, history and culture.

    3. Experience A New Culture

    Despite how busy school can get at times, remember to take time to yourself and get accustomed with how things are done in your new country. Live like the locals do! Learn to cook, buy groceries, communicate and travel within your city. It may take some time until you are completely comfortable with doing things on your own, but that’s the fun of it. You won’t leave your host country feeling like a visitor, but rather as someone who was able to truly call it home. 

    4. Learn A New Language

    What better way to learn a new language than by living in the place where it's spoken regularly. As intimidating as this sounds, it can be fun. You don’t need to pressure yourself with perfection, rather be motivated by the land you inhabit and the people around you.

    If you are serious about learning a new language, however, most universities who are expecting students from abroad offer language courses that can help you. 

    5. Enhance Your Career Opportunities

    Upon return from a study abroad program, students have a wealth of knowledge on other cultures, languages and educational systems. It goes without saying that all of these qualities are attractive to future employers looking to hire well-rounded individuals.

    6. Develop A Strong Network 

    Studying abroad helps you build strong relationships with people from all parts of the world. It also helps you be comfortable with establishing new relationships, regardless of how intimidating it can be at times. With the prominence of remote work and the interconnected nature of big corporations, having connections all across the globe does not seem like a bad idea to future-proof your career in the long run. 

    7. Lifelong Friends

    One of the biggest and most attractive benefits to studying abroad is the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. While attending classes and living with students or families, individuals will be introduced to a multitude of new people. This creates an opportunity to build lasting, life-long friendships.

    8. Invest In Your Personal Development

    There is nothing quite like being alone in a new country. Students might find that studying abroad brings out their independent side. This allows for a lot of personal growth. Students gain the opportunity to discover themselves while in their own company. Being in a new place can be overwhelming, and it tests their ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to problem solve.

    9. Graduate School Admissions

    Like future employers, graduate school admissions look highly on study abroad experiences. Students that seek opportunities in foreign countries bring to the table diverse experiences, knowledge, technical know-how and can show that they are not afraid to seek out new challenges or put themselves in difficult situations.

    10. Life Experience

    For most students, this time may be the only opportunity they ever get to move abroad for a long period of time. This is your chance to travel with no commitments, other than to be present in the current moment. Take in everything your new country has to offer and make the most of your experiences. 

    There are many schools that offer study abroad programs to International students. To make it more convenient, an International Student Coordinator should be available to help you know more about the housing, finance and transportation options available and suitable to your needs. 

    Last Updated May 2021*

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