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Medical Office
Assistant & Unit Clerk


Health Care Aide

The Health Care Aide program at ABM College trains its students to identify and respond to patients’ emotional and physical needs. Students learn the basics of human anatomy, medical terminology, chronic conditions, and palliative care.

Pharmacy Assistant

The Pharmacy Assistant Program at ABM College was developed to address the need for trained workers to assist Pharmacists and Regulated Pharmacy Technicians in the day-to-day running of a pharmacy.

Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk

When thinking about a career in the health care industry, one of the first things that springs to mind are the typical, hands-on jobs carried out by nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners. However, there are other choices...

Massage Therapy

With the increased focus on massage therapy as an important component of patient rehabilitation, this field has become one of the fastest-growing within the Canadian health care system.

About ABM

ABM College of Health and Technology is a registered vocational college with campuses in both Toronto and Calgary. At ABM College it is our mission to provide value-added education; our faculty and staff are committed to helping you prepare for your new career through quality instruction and engaged student services. We offer a wide variety of courses designed to suit a broad range of students; our career-driven programs will ensure that you are familiar with the most up-to-date tools and methods being utilized by experts in the field.

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I have done some work in accounting and I often found myself using skills that I obtained from the accounting and payroll program at ABM College.

The practices and principles taught in the healthcare aide programs have definitely helped in my practical life. Picking up a new skill was made easier because of the understanding that the concepts don't change, just the method of implementing them.

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