Valedictorian Application


  • Deadline for submission is August 10th, 2019
  • Role of the Valedictorian:
    1. Compose and deliver the valedictory address on behalf of the graduating students from all programs.
    2. Epitomize the qualities for which graduates strive.
    3. Represent the entire school community (not just himself/herself or immediate circle of friends when crafting and delivering the speech)
  • Basic criteria required to apply.
    1. Must have a minimum of 90% in all courses;
    2. Must have maintained a 90% attendance record;
    3. The student must have made a significant contribution to the school during their program;
    4. The student must have made considerable contributions to their community, please list volunteer experience in space provided at end of application.
    5. The student must have demonstrated the following qualities (respect, responsibility, honesty, empathy, fairness, initiative, courage, integrity, perseverance, optimism) throughout their time at ABM College.
    6. The student must be a positive and worthy representative of the College.
  • Other important characteristics of the valedictorian of ABM College
    Strong leadership skills
    Team player
    Excellent writing and speaking skills
    Sensitive to others
    Able to accept constructive criticism
    Able to meet deadlines
  • Selection process for the valedictorian of ABM College:
    1. Students from any ABM Program may apply.
    2. Selection of three candidates will be made. The three candidates will present a speech to the selection committee. The speech will be entitled: Education is Power and will contain maximum of 150 words. You must bring copies of this speech for the selection committee, when you present. This will not be your speech for the graduation; it is only for the selection process for choosing the valedictorian. Support is available from Administration if you require assistance writing your speech.
  • PART B: Instructor Recommendation. (Students must have a recommendation from their instructor).

    I can attest to this student’s character. I believe this student exemplifies the qualities for which all graduates strive. This student would be an outstanding representative of the graduating class.
  • PART C: Short-Answer Questions

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY