College life can be stressful. It is important to eat well, stay active, and understand where your health resources are.


Healthlink is a great resource for health advice, information, and finding healthcare and can be reached by simply dialling 811. Sometimes, this option can be faster than going to a hospital, or clinic. HealthLink is great for international students as you can request service in your native language.

If you require immediate assistance and believe it is an emergency, please dial 911.

Walk-In Clinics

Walk-in clinics are a great option for dealing with minor ailments, injuries, and routine examinations. You can call 811 to find a clinic nearest you.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

International students are eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Students who have a 12-month study permit (valid for an Alberta educational institute) and who will reside in Alberta for 12 months or more are eligible for AHCIP coverage and should apply.
  • Students with study permit valid for more than 3 months, but less than 12 months, may be eligible for AHCIP coverage if their application is accompanied by a letter from the student confirming their intent to reside in Alberta for at least 12 months.
  • Students under 18 years of age must be added to the AHCIP account of a custodian. 
  • Students who are ineligible to obtain coverage under AHCIP must purchase a private plan through an insurance company or agent, in their home country or on arrival in Canada.  Please visit the link for private insurance information:
  • If you do arrive in Canada without insurance coverage, medical insurance providers are authorized to provide this service to those who apply within five days of arriving in Canada

Personal Health Care Insurance

Medical expenses can be expensive in Canada. All International Students are required to attain Personal Health Insurance while studying in Canada, for services not covered by AHCIP, eg. Dental Care, Medicines, Physio Therapy, etc.

What AHCIP covers is provided in this link:

All international students are required to obtain health insurance while studying in Canada. You can find out how to do so HERE.

Other links:

When to Apply for Alberta Health Care

It’s important to apply for coverage within 3 months of your moving date:

  • If your application is received within 3 months of your arrival, your coverage will start on either the date you arrive in Alberta or the date signed on your study permit, whichever is later
  • If you do not register with AHCIP within the first 3 months of your Alberta residency, Alberta Health and Wellness will determine the date your coverage becomes effective

You will need to purchase this insurance for yourself and any family members accompanying you. Students under 18 years of age must be added to the AHCIP account of a custodian.

Anyone with temporary immigration documents who is unsure about their eligibility for coverage should contact Alberta Health directly.