Career Counseling– Career counseling, resume writing and interview tips are available to the International Students from the beginning of their Program.   .   Job posting is available in our website and social media. 

Employer Talk Series are held in the campus all throughout the year.   In our Employer Talk Series we invite employers to give a talk about their company, provide tips on job search and gives opportunity for the graduates and current students to apply for the available job position in their company. 

Career Fairs -there is also a career fair that is yearly held in the college that also help them find part-time job while studying.

Job Posting- different career opportunist for the graduates and current students are posted in our website, Social Medias and campus bulletin. 

Academic Assistance Services

Academic Advising/ Counselling– The program coordinators of each program provides academic advising,

Peer mentoring is given to the students who needed support in Academics.   Free Tutorial is also available in some of the programs.