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ABM College is proud to work with International Students to help them achieve their educational goals. Work with an International Student Coordinator to find out what requirements, costs and application procedures you need to qualify. For enrollment, you can read through our links to find out everything you need to know about studying and living in Canada.

We have student intake on every month, so contact us today to save your seat! Along with a great education, we will also help you with:

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Student Policy

ABM College is committed to adapting learning resources to ensure students have the opportunity to successfully complete their studies. The College maintains a professional setting by assuring a safe, respectable, and fair environment for all students and staff members.

Students/Staff are required to support the academic and ethical standards of ABM College. Violations of the policies and standards may be subjected to suspension and/or expulsion.

Student Attendance and Academic Policy

  • Punctual and regular attendance in class is mandatory to ensure an optimal learning environment at ABM College. Classes are intended to be interactive and participative.
  • If there are any extenuating circumstances concerning a student’s absence, the instructor/office staff should be notified as soon as possible. It is the
  • student’s responsibility to review the course material prior to class to develop an understanding of the background knowledge with the current course curriculum. Students will be accountable for learning any missed material due to absence(s).
  • Students are expected to complete assignments in the time allowed by instructors. Assignments are to be completed individually. There is a zero-tolerance at ABM College regarding plagiarism/academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty or plagiarism will result in an automatic zero in the assignment or exam.
  • Daily attendance is taken by instructors. Student absences are taken seriously at ABM College. Absences lasting for more than two consecutive days must be accompanied by a valid reason with the proper documentation. A reasonable excuse for an absence must describe circumstances requiring the student’s absence (e.g. medical, family emergency, etc.). The inability to provide a valid reason/documentation may result in expulsion from the College. ABM College will seek to be consistent and reasonable in its approach to determine the parameters of a valid reason for any absence(s).
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