Canada is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable places to live.  Calgary is among the top 5 most liveable cities on earth. It has the highest GDP per Capita in Canada and is ranked among the top cities in quality of life. Calgary is very diverse and welcomes different culture as their own. Aside from booming job opportunities, Calgary is fun to live with as it is an hour and a half away drive to the Rocky Mountains that will enjoy hiking, biking during fall and summer and enjoy winter sports during winter.  There is no downtime in Calgary, surrounded by different city life activities from different malls and restaurants, to different events, festivals and celebrations.  During summer you will experience a cowboy lifestyle experience as Calgary celebrates the greatest outdoor activities which are the Calgary stampede. 


Quick Facts:

  1. Due to its vast grassland, the city is still referred to as Cow Town. It still gives you the images of Wild West.
  2. The Calgary Stampede, held every year for 10 days, is the largest outdoor event in the world. It features First Nations Exhibits, the world’s largest rodeo, concerts, stage shows, a midway, chuckwagon racing, agricultural competitions and a parade. The event attracts over 1 million attendees.
  3. The average age in Calgary is 35.7 years. Like in all youthful cities, you can expect a lot of partying, sports, romance and a sizzling entertainment scene.
  4. The city is as diverse as any city can get. A whopping 120 languages are spoken in the city.
  5. Calgary is the cleanest city in the world…Cow Town or not, it seems that the cowboys clean up real well after all, huh?
  6. You have a great cause that you want to have volunteers work on? Well, Calgary has more volunteers per capita than any other city in the world.
  7. Naheed Nenshi, a Muslim and 39 years old, was the first Muslim to become a mayor in Canada, garnering 28,000 votes more than his closest competitor.
  8. Calgary receives an average of 2600 hours of sun per year. This makes it the sunniest city in Canada. If you do not like the cold, perhaps you need to shift countries/cities and live in Calgary. Besides, 26% of the population in Calgary is not born Canadian…you will be in good company.
  9. Calgary has an altitude of 3,800 feet. This is well above the average among the Canadian cities. This means that the city is neither too hot nor too cold.
  10. The warm wind of Calgary (Chinook) can raise the temperatures from a low of 5 degrees centigrade to highs of 15 degrees centigrade in a matter of hours. Hopefully, you will not have carried a lot of warm clothes…


For Social Program and Services in the city of Calgary, visit the link for more information:

Newcomers Map from the City of Calgary: Visit: for more information.

Important Phone Numbers

311 For City information or to request a service within Calgary city limits:

Report concerns such as excessive snow or ice on roadways, overpasses, backlanes and sidewalks.

Report non-working streetlamps

Noise complaints

311 offers language translation services for more than 200 languages, if you state the name of your language in English a translator will be provided.

911 For emergencies related to health, safety and property. This includes medical distress, fires, and crimes in progress and motor vehicle accidents where an ambulance/tow truck is necessary. 
211 For information about community or social resources available in Calgary. This includes financial, social, food and mental health support. Free and confidential translation services are available. 
811 Health Link: For physical or mental information and advice provided by a registered nurse.   The nurse will be able to diagnose your illness, but will tell you if you should seek medical treatment or try treatment at home.  Translation services are available. 


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