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Personality of a Health Care Aide

The Health Care Aide Certificate program at ABM College is one of the biggest in Calgary. The program offers a state of the art lab where students get hands on training. Group practicums are also available for students to gain real world experience in the field. This is a rewarding program, but what type of person should apply to this program? What personality traits and values should one have to be successful in this field?

Group of classmates practicing on a dummy in a medical bed.

A Health Care Aide has to be able to see humanity in strangers. They have to see the best qualities of people while they are in their worst state. They are givers of hope, and carry people's burdens on their shoulders. To succeed in health care, they have to be driven by the fact that what they do will make a difference somehow to someone. They signify strength, endurance, mental and physical toughness. They understand the reward of a smile, the look in someone's eyes when they've helped. They know the true blessing that comes with being selfless and the best way to help yourself is to help another. Would you enjoy making a difference in people’s lives? If so, apply today!

Health Care Aide

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