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How Much Do Dental Assistants Make?


he essential responsibility of Dental Office Assistants is to build trust with patients and help ease their anxiety while the doctor is getting ready to examine them. Dental Office Assistants deliver optimal care at the ‘front line’ of dental practices. They are like air traffic controllers keeping the communication between patients and doctors seamless. 

Dental Office Administrators/Dental Office Assistants play an important part in creating a wow experience for the clients by acting as the first point of contact in the clinic and taking care of their needs during the wait time. 

Are you considering building a rewarding career as a dental office assistant?

Getting a Dental Office Administrator Diploma can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that you’d need to become a qualified member of the healthcare sector. As you look for different programs that can take you closer to your dream profession, it’s always a good idea to weigh their pros and cons. One of the biggest factors that draw individuals toward the Dental Assistant Certificate Program is the earnings that you get after successfully completing the program. Formal education helps fast-track your career to let you leap into a brighter future. 

Why Choose Dental Office Assistant As a Career?

There are some fundamentals to this vocation. Becoming a dental assistant after proper training can help you kickstart your healthcare career. What are your reasons for choosing dental office assistant as a profession? There are various factors that can convince you to become a dental office administrator. Here are some: 

  1. Versatile career option: It lends you a chance to be at the helm of multiple affairs at the dental clinic reception. You handle administrative tasks, prepare and take X-rays, communicate with patients, and assist in dental procedures.

  2. A great foundation for dental: By selecting dental assistant as a career, you lay a strong foundation for your future. It gives you the stability and experience you need to move ahead in this field.

  3. Secure job: Jobs in dental care are quite secure and gradually you grow in the field.

  4. Make a difference: You give back to the community too. When performing your duties and responsibilities, you provide optimal care to patients, giving back to society by helping them out.

  5. Advanced education: With the right dental office administrator diploma, you can advance your career as a healthcare professional. In just 53 weeks, you can earn a diploma certificate and enhance your chances of getting hired by possessing relevant skills.

  6. Dynamic environment: You get to work in a dynamic environment where you meet new people and communicate with them. It helps you grow professionally and personally. 

Working as a dental office assistant can give you satisfaction and as you become more experienced, you start to earn better. 

Wondering How Much Do Dental Office Assistants Make? 

This is the most common question that comes to a person’s mind before they decide to pursue a Dental Office Assistant Course from a college. The salary of a dental office assistant depends on various factors such as experience levels, province, educational qualifications, and your preferred role. When you begin your career as a dental office administrator, your starting salaries may fluctuate, but once you have been in the field, you’ll get paid better. 

We’ll now throw some light on the salary ranges that you can expect from a dental office assistant profession and some tips on how to get enhanced pay. 

Becoming a dental office assistant requires some specific skills for you to gain an edge over others. You can acquire these skills by enrolling yourself in a dental office management certificate. 

Prevailing Wages in Canada

According to Job Bank Canada, dental assistants typically earn between $18.00/hour and $32.00/hour in Canada. Here’s a break-up of wages earned by dental assistants last year in Canada.


The above stats depict that Alberta is the highest paying province in Canada for dental assistants. Let’s see what are the prevailing wages for dental assistants in Alberta: 

Prevailing Wages in Alberta

Job Bank data shows that dental assistants in Alberta earn between $21.00/hour and $35.50/hour on average.


Bright Job Prospects For Dental Office Assistants

Job prospects for dental office administrators in Alberta are fair for the next three years. The contributory factors to this bright outlook include:

  • Growth in employment is expected to generate new roles.
  • Retirements in the future will lead to vacancies. 
  • Better qualified people will be in high demand. 
  • Approximately 6,050 people are employed in this field.

An Education Can Help Enhance Your Salary

It is evident from the market scenario that companies want qualified professionals to manage their workflow. Candidates with appropriate knowledge and skills get paid better than the ones without them.

You need to weigh your options before you choose a dental assistant program. If it provides practicum training as a part of its curriculum, it helps in getting you job-ready with hands-on experience. 

Experience makes you more confident and you put in your best efforts to land your dream job. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to be a dental assistant, ABM College can help you reach your goal with its advanced Dental Office Administration Diploma program

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