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Health Care Aides Working With Dementia Patients

Health care aide working with dementia patients

What is Dementia?

Dementia is defined as being a consistent decline in an individual’s mental processing abilities which severely hinders their ability to function in their daily lives. A common misconception is that Dementia itself is a disease, when in fact, dementia is a general term that is used to describe several different forms of mental disorders. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of Dementia that affects more than 60 to 80 percent of the population.

What are the symptoms of Dementia?

There are several symptoms that are indications of early stages of Dementia. However, the most common and severe symptoms are that are experienced by patients are: memory loss, the inability to effectively communicate with others through language, a significant decrease in the ability to pay attention to details, deceased focus, distorted visual perception, and difficulty with the ability to implement logical reasoning to situations.

What is the need for care-givers?

In dementia-cases, several patients have limited to no mobility which requires them to need daily assistance. Several family members act as caregivers to their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia; however, they are susceptible to several side effects from caregiving such as anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, social withdrawal and several others. Many family-caregivers get overwhelmed with the psychological and emotional forms of stress. Dementia is a life-altering diagnosis and its patients require consistent attention and care to ensure that they are being taken care of properly - providing effective care to Dementia patients is a full-time position.

Health Care Aides are certified professionals

Health Care Aides are trained professionals who are responsive to patient needs and provide daily living assistance. This includes assistance in daily activities such as bathing, feeding, cleaning, and mobility. Health Care Aides also establish emotional relationships with their patients and they demonstrate the ability to be patient and understanding. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Health Care Aide or working with Dementia patients as a certified professional, ABM College offers a Health Care Aide Certificate course that provides several job opportunities such as a Child Care Attendant, a Home Support Worker, a Residential Aide, and a Caregiver.

Health Care Aide Training Program.

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