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Government of Alberta Unveils a New Job Program

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    he Alberta Government has recently announced a new job program for the province, aimed at overhauling the workforce and rejigging the economy. 

    Divulging details of the program, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said that the new job program called ‘Alberta at Work’ has been launched to revamp and retain the labour force. An amount of $600 million has been set aside in the budget for 2022 toward fulfilling the labour market needs.  

    “The program will focus on removing barriers to employment, reskilling people for career transitions, and attracting and retaining young workers,” said Kenney (as reported by CBC News).  

    He added, "Whether you are a newcomer to Alberta, returning to work after a long period of unemployment, or have a disability, we want to make sure that you find a meaningful job in this province."

    Kenney also stressed the need to incorporate more women, immigrants, and Indigenous workers into Alberta's economy by providing meaningful jobs to them.

    Elaborating on the program, Kaycee Madu, Alberta's minister of labour and immigration, said that a sum of $23 million has been marked for carrying over the Canada-Alberta job grant, which aids employers in hiring and training workers.  

    "We see companies move into Alberta or expand into creating new jobs and there aren't enough people with the necessary skills to share in Alberta's success," said Madu. 

    The program has outlined measures for generating more jobs for different segments of the population.   

    Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the province's new jobs program will focus on removing barriers to employment, reskilling people for career transitions, and attracting and retaining young workers. (Source: Mike Symington/CBC)

    Focus on Investment in Education

    The ‘Alberta at Work’ program will focus on investing in education hugely. Demetrios Nicolaides, Alberta's minister of advanced education, shared that over the next three years, $171 million will be allocated to promote enrollment growth, targeted to create about 7,000 new student spots in various post-secondary programs. These include programs related to the fields of health care, finance, civil and computer engineering, apprenticeship, and education.

    The province's post-secondary education system will receive significant new funding through this program, helping to alleviate Alberta’s structural unemployment problems.

    “By making more financial supports available, we are ensuring that post-secondary education stays accessible to everyone, especially at this critical time in our province. The skilled trades are part of our province's great history, and the apprenticeship education model has as much value as other forms of post-secondary education," said Nicolaides.

    Furthermore, funds have been allocated to expand apprenticeships and micro-credentials in the province in addition to extending scholarships and providing low-income bursaries.

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