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Giving Back to the Baby Boomers

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    These days, health care professionals of all kinds are needed more than ever to meet the long-term care needs of Baby Boomers. If you’ve ever taken a history or social class in high school, then you know exactly what happened in 1945. One of the greatest wars had just finished after the US dropped uranium and plutonium bombs on Japan, known as Little Boy and Fat Man, respectively. These atomic bombs caused Japan to surrender the war and soon after, the rest of their allies followed. It was a really joyful moment because it meant that all the soldiers who were deployed would be coming back home; you have to remember that some of these men had been out there for almost 5-6 years. When all of the soldiers came home, they all started to settle down and have kids; in the following four to five years, there were about 76.4 million babies born in America alone. Governments now had to focus on kids’ programs, increase the amounts of schools, and create programs to help mothers. The main reason for fertility rates to grow to such heights was not only because of the end of the war, but because many did not want kids during the Great Depression, and then the WWII. For them, this was the best time in almost 15 years to have kids. Some also say that it was a cold war strategy to outnumber the communists. There were many advantages to all of these kids being born; once they were old enough and joined the work force, there was an almost uncountable amount of man power. This meant the economy was skyrocketing. There were expansions everywhere, because the Boomers were working and then they were spending - they started using credit cards to buy TVs, cars, and other luxury needs, and the economy kept growing. Nowadays, the Boomers are getting old, and getting ready to retire. Since there was never a fertility rate as high as the Baby Boomers by a long shot, there will be an enormous difference in the amount of people coming into the work force and the amount leaving the work force. As they enter retirement, they will need to be supported through taxes, which the next generation has to pay. Since there are a lot less young people entering the work force, it is a lot more difficult for them to keep up with the heavy demand of the retiring Boomers. There are always some benefits, no matter what happens. In this scenario we see that the Baby Boomers are growing old and retiring. Their kids cannot always be around to look after them and take care of them. This opens doors to new career choices, especially in the health care aide field. The Boomers who go into retirement homes or care centers will need people to look after them, some companies even send health care aides to the homes of people in need. There are many places that offer programs for health care aide training, such as Bow Valley College, and ABM College.If you are interested in this growing field, check out our Health Care Aide program page for more information.

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