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5 Advantages to Obtaining a Health Care Aide Certificate

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    Given that you can get a job as a Health Care Aide without a formal education, many wonder why they should bother going to school for it.The answer is better opportunities. It does not take much to realize that applicants who have completed a Health Care Aide Certificate Program hold an advantage over non-certified candidates.

    A certified Health Care Aide employee

    1. Employers have a preference for certified applicants.

    Due to the recent increase of regulations within health facilities, employers are more inclined to hire a person who has knowledge of the workplace environment and job position, prior to receiving in-house training. They know that staff who have invested in their education are at a significantly lower risk of breaching workplace regulations or leaving their place of employment due to a poor fit.

    2. Certification creates a variety of new job opportunities.

    Once an individual obtains their certification, several job options become available because they receive education and experience on diverse related subjects within the course material.Graduates can choose to work in specialty areas such as assertive child care, dementia care, and more. By contrast, people who are specifically trained for one job, see very little room for advancement or flexibility in their role.

    3. Students gain work experience prior to graduation.

    Students in diploma programs are placed in recognized heath facilities to gain real-life work experience, which serves as a huge advantage over applicants who have had no prior experience, because they are far more qualified and trained for the occupation.

    4. Certified candidates maximize their knowledge of the occupation.

    Due to the integration of textbook material and hands-on experience within the program, students are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities. This puts them at an advantage because they have maximized their knowledge of the job position, prior to receiving training.

    5. Students may be given the opportunity to work for the health facility where their practicum is held.

    During their practicum, if students are able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and well trained for a HCA position, they may be provided with an opportunity to work within the organization as a full-time employee, once their program is completed.What do you think? Do certificate programs provide you with an advantage over others? Of course they do. If you are interested in learning more about ABM College’s Health Care Aide program, just hop on over to the Health Care Aide program page!

    Health Care Aide Training Program.
    A student writing on their notebook.

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