Do you have any student financial aid questions? Questions on how to get your money? Repaying your loans?

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Student Loans and Grants Funding Guide

Repayment Essentials

ABM College understands that a little financial aid can go a long way for students. We offer scholarships, awards, and financial aid to our students. Do not let a lack of funding hold you back from pursuing your academic goals. Our financial aid team is here to help you through every step of the financial assistance process. You might be eligible for funding you never knew existed!

ABM College’s financial advisers are up-to-date on the latest scholarships and other financial awards available for our students.They will assist you to determine your application eligibility, and work with you to help secure funds before starting your program.

At ABM College, we know that an education is your investment for the future. If you require assistance funding your education, we want to help you decide which funding option is right for you. This could be a private loan, such as from a banking institution, or government student loans.

Government Student Loans

The Government of Alberta has funded a plan to provide loans to qualified full-time students. Although the type and amount of assistance usually varies based on individual circumstances, government student loans make sure every qualified student receives financial aid for his/her education.

If you choose to pay for your education through student loans, it is our policy to apply all loan payments toward the tuition balance until these costs are paid.

Student Lines of Credit

Student Lines of Credit are available to full-time and part-time students who require assistance financing their studies. This is different from traditional loans, as they allow you to borrow money as per your need with interest being charged only on the amount used. Most major banking institutions offer student lines of credit. Eligibility criteria (e.g. credit rating, net worth etc.), the amount loaned, and the interest rate will vary from institution to institution.

Further information regarding financial assistance is available from the financial aid officers at your ABM College campus.